What Not To Wear! The 2018 FX Annual All-Star Party Red Carpet

I wish I could start this post on a more positive note, but sadly the reason I am highlighting these stars on the 2018 FX Annual All-Star Party red carpet is because they were an example of what not to wear. Of course, you could argue they are celebs and could get away with taking risks and I’m all for risks. I just wish they made better choices. Then again, you could also argue it’s the designer that came up with the look, as much as the person wearing it, but I’m sure the celebrity (and their stylist) have a say in the look and can be held accountable for making a good decision. At least, I’d like to think so.

Yet I digress. I’ve never put any of these four stars into a “fashionista” category, except for maybe Sarah Paulson. But I still think they could have made better choices here. Oh where oh where is fashion going these days? Let’s take a look at what they wore:

Keri Russell In Saint Laurent 

Love the gold trim piping on the Saint Laurent blazer, Keri. Adore the green cargo shorts too. But together I’m just not feeling this Spring 2018 military look. Sure, it’s utilitarian and it’s cool – but not together. The blazer is very chic and sophisticated. The shorts are very deconstructed, low-key and sporty. How exactly do these two pieces go together? They don’t! The colors don’t even work in combination with each other and I’m not really feeling the plain, slightly open blouse either. It’s white and I wish it had matched the gold trim on the jacket. I’m just not feeling the entirety of this look.


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Billie Lourd In Gucci 

Billie Lourd joined Keri Russell on the red carpet in a beautiful brocade dress from the Gucci Resort 2018 collection. The dress is pretty, though a little bit much for this event in my opinion and Gucci is definitely making a comeback. But then you look down to the heels. What made her choose shoes in that color? Was the clash on purpose or did someone tell her those were the right shoes to wear with that dress? Because they’re really not. Granted, I’m not sure what shoes would go with this design and maybe that’s the problem.

Sarah Paulson In Dior 

Sarah Paulson wore a Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2018 ensemble to the 2018 FX All-Star Party. I’m not feeling the wide and dramatic pleated bottoms because it’s just too much. I also don’t like the peekaboo bra. Some would argue that this is a very Christian Dior look paying homage to the New Look with embellished, full skirts and cinched-in waists, but I’m not sure if this is the right event to try this kind of look and I’m not a fan of the way the designer Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to modernize it. Maybe it’s that open jacket/bra look that’s really getting to me.

Aya Cash 

I’m not aware of who Aya Cash is wearing, but truth be told, I’m not liking it anyway. There’s something about the slit in that utilitarian skirt I don’t care for. I suppose it’s like a play on structured army green, but then why didn’t she show a little more skin on the top half to complete the look? Perhaps some of you out there might disagree with me, but something is off about the way the menswear shirt is paired with the skirt, and honestly, it might be the shoes which do nothing to bring the whole look together. Maybe some black ankle boots could have been substituted in their place, but then that wouldn’t be very dressed up, would it? I just find the look is all wrong and certainly is not red carpet worthy. What do you think?

– Simona Shemer

Photos: Keri Russell, PicCelebMafia.com | Billie Lourd, Gotceleb.com | Sarah Paulson, LaineyGossip.com | Aya Cash, Gotceleb.com 

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