Amazon Finds: The Best Wardrobe Essentials for Less

Give your wardrobe a fashionable lift with these Amazon fashion finds! I found some of the best on-trend designer-inspired fashion for a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the best wardrobe essentials for less. Pick a few new pieces or create an entirely new wardrobe and shop all of my selections for a total of only $176.93.

All of these pieces are reminiscent of high-end designer styles. Of course you may not get the same luxurious fabrics and leathers, but you may actually find them to be more functional. There are many good reasons to buy Amazon Fashion.

3 Good Reasons to Buy Amazon Fashion

1. Save money on fashion. Let’s face it, it is fun to get new things and there is no reason to spend all your cash on apparel and accessories. You may be more likely to wear the items over again because you only spent $25. I know I am. I noticed I also wear less expensive pieces right away and don’t “save” the pieces which I then wind up hardly wearing. That’s how Amazon fashion can keep you on top of your fashion game.


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2. Get your fashion right away! As an Amazon Prime member, I have received many of my items (surprisingly) the next day – even when I order late in the day. So you can get your fast fashion fast!

3. Less expensive fabrics are easy care. Faux leathers are tough as nails and won’t get scuffed up like fine leathers, and tech fabrics and are often machine washable! You wouldn’t machine wash a silk blouse, but you can wash a polyester designer look-alike shirt.

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Amazon Finds: Best Wardrobe Essentials

Here are some wardrobe basics you can wear all year round.

The Black Blazer

A blazer is one of the easiest ways to upgrade up your look. Everyone loves Veronica Beard’s Dickey Blazers and this one emulates the styling. This OrlyCollection gold button double breasted blazer is only $42.99! It’s made of ponte knit and is machine washable too. But I’d hand wash and hang it because the buttons may come off. Black is great for your basic wardrobe but this comes in other stellar colors like white, red, burgundy and royal blue for a punch of color.

Sophisticated Joggers

We have embraced joggers and so have the high-end designers. Get a pair in camel for a Burberry look. It’s true, these joggers by GOKATOSAU on Amazon are not cashmere, but they are more functional with side pockets and are figure flattering with side seams and a high waist. These stylish joggers can go from your sofa to out running errands. And the price of $16.99 sure beats $990.

The Leopard Print Blouse

I know I have shown leopard blouses multiple times, but so has Dolce&Gabbana! You don’t have to pay D&G prices. This Geckatte Leopard Print Bow Tie Neck Chiffon Blouse from Amazon makes a statement under a jacket or on its own. It can go to cocktails with black pants or a skirt or casual with faded jeans. It is only $22.99 and is hand washable, so you will save on your dry cleaning bills.

Amazon Fashion Accessories For Less

Amazon offers amazing accessories that look a lot like designer styles. Here are some of my favorites.

Chain Pouch Shoulder Bag

This Prime Original Women’s Chain Pouch Bag is only $39.99 and is a fraternal twin sister of the Bottega Veneta Chain Leather Shoulder Bag, only she is made of faux leather. So this bag from Amazon is rugged! Besides at this price you won’t feel badly if you get tired of it after one season. It comes in many other colors so you may want more than one bag.

A Classic Belt

At a (real) quick glance this Earnda Women’s Leather Belt might look like a Double GG Gucci. And it will serve you the same purpose. You can wear this belt with jeans, over jackets, or with skirt and dresses. Buy one in every color for only $14.99.

The Slide Loafer

Even if you have the real deal (Gucci), you may like to have another pair of these slide horse bit loafers in cream or velvet. And if you don’t have a pair, you need these Mila Lady flats for only $24.99.

Cool Shades

Amazon has some amazing sunglasses and these look a lot like oversized square shades from Celine. These black oversized square sunglasses from mosanana are only $13.99 on Amazon. They are such a simple way to update your basic wardrobe and stay fashionable. Oh, and you can break or lose this pair too, because all you have to do is order another pair and Amazon will get them to you … the next day.

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Are you going to update your wardrobe with one of these Amazon fashion finds?

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