Visit The New MAC Pro Michigan Avenue in Chicago

MAC Pro Michigan Avenue Chicago
If you live in Chicago or are just visiting, be sure to check out the new MAC Cosmetics store at 520 N. Michigan Avenue. This flagship store carries MAC Pro Products and includes a MAC Lash and Brow bar. You can make a MAC Studio Appointment and get an hour with a makeup artist like I did. For $50 you can discuss skincare, makeup application, learn about the products and walk out with a natural look for day or a glamorous look for evening. It’s up to you! On top of that you’ll receive a free mascara.
I had the pleasure of getting my beauty makeover by MAC Artist Keri Germain. “I can help you with whatever you like,” she said, “this hour is just for you!” Since I love color cosmetics I asked Keri to give me some advice on anti-aging: both in skincare and for the best makeup application.
MAC Pro Products at Michigan Avenue Chicago
MAC Pro Michigan Avenue Brows and Lashes
Keri showed me MAC products for cleansing, moisturizing and priming my skin to give it a youthful glow. She masterfully applied everything with a brush, and made me fall in love with actually using brushes. She demonstrated how to hide dark under eye circles, blemishes and wrinkles. Since MAC cosmetics began as a professional line for photography, she knew all the tricks to make me look flawless and natural.
Keri’s Tips for Anti-Aging
1. Avoid powder!  (Or strategically powder your nose and between brows.) You don’t need power to set under-eye concealers! Instead Keri used MAC Prep + Prime highlighting pen.
2. Less is more. Cover up only what needs to be concealed, foundation should be light, and be careful where you shadow with light and dark colors. For example, don’t use dark shadows towards insides of your eyes.
3. Don’t use a shade too light to conceal under eye circles. Use a warmer shade or one closer to your skin tone. It may be much darker than you think!
4. For under eye bags, first use fast response under eye cream. Keri keeps it in the refrigerator. To conceal bags use lighter concealer just under the bags and then a dark or warmer shade on the puffy part of the bags.
5. Brows are essential to framing the face, and make you look younger. Keri likes MAC Waterproof Brow Set.
6. Most women look best with neutral matte eyeshadows. If you are timid about using color, try a dark color like navy or pine green, in either a shadow or an eyeliner.

MAC Pro Michigan Avenue Carol Calacci and Keri Germain
This is me after my makeover (left) with MAC Artist Kerri Germain (right)

MAC skincare products and foundation
Some of the MAC skincare products and foundation Kerri used.

Here’s what Keri used for my makeover:
(with a 159 Brush)
Prep+Prime Fix+
Essential Oils
Mineralize Charged Water moisture eye cream
Fast response eye creme
Strobe Cream
Prep+ Prime Skin Base
Face + Body Foundation (Color C3)
(with a 252 Brush)
Select Cover up NW25
Prep + Prime Bright Forecast
Waterproof Brow Set Quiet Brunette
Grand Dame Lipstick
Lovingly Yours Lip Gloss
Visit MAC Pro Michigan Avenue at 520 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 60611  |  call 312-595-0952 to make a Studio Appointment
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Second City Style

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