From Top To Bottom: Caps and Kicks

Hats, booties
Yeah, yeah… I know we’re still the throes of this brisk, cold winter but one can dream of having a cute knit cap and sweet kicks. Depending on where you live, you might still be able to wear both. Add a classic twist and don a sleek wool fedora and leather booties or keep it cute and casual with an embellished knit hat and fashionable wedge sneakers.
Everyone needs to have these items for at least three out of the four seasons. Hats and boots are the literally the finishing touches to every ensemble. While you might not need both, you’re always going to want to pair them together, even indoors.
And, if not for anything else, you can always add these babies to your Christmas list!
1. Michael Stars “Oh Darling” Wool Hat, $58
2. Scoop Leather Platform Boot, $598
3. Ann Taylor Embellished Knit Hat, $59.50
4. Isabel Marant “The Bekett” Suede Wedge Sneakers, $695
5. Super Duper Knotted Turban, $159
6. Dune London “Promiss” Boots, $209
7. Ted Baker Faux Fur Hat, $89.07
8. Old Navy Cable Knit Cap, $14.94
–Taneisha Jordan Willour
Image Layout: Second City Style

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