Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 6: Luck Be A Lady

Alright. I’m almost out. This season in a word sucks. Please hear my words producers of PRAllstars, it’s time to get rid of Alyssa. PRegnant or not, she’s offensive to anyone who knows and loves fashion. Moving on…
The challenge this week was a bit of a fashion gamble. The designers have to roll a giant pair of dice to see what they will be designing. One reveals the fabric they must use (brocade, silk, velvet, lace, and denim), the other the event (bachelorette party, masquerade ball, gallery opening, awards ceremony, and Sunday brunch). They each have a budget of $150 and one day in the workroom. The prize (if you can call it that) is having the winning garment worn by Alyssa Milano (obvi post baby which it seems she might give birth to on stage) in a spread in Marie Claire (I’d rather have what’s behind door #2). However, this is one of the better challenges we have seen in a while.
So what did the designers roll/get? Fabio (denim/masquerade ball); Sonjia (brocade/bachelorette party); Sam (brocade/awards ceremony); Michelle (lace/gallery opening); Justin (silk/gallery opening); Helen (brocade/awards ceremony); Gunnar (brocade/masquerade ball); Jay (denim/Sunday Brunch); Dmitry (velvet/gallery opening).
The combinations are a conundrum for some. Helen and Sam are basically competing with each other since they rolled the same. Bummer. Fabio rolled denim and masquarade ball which just lends itself to cowgirl (ew) and even though Gunnar has to design for a masquarade ball using brocade, he fears the judges will blast him if his look is too “costumey.”
Two small kerfuffles occur in the workroom. Fabio informs Sonjia that one of the two brocades she purchased at Mood was not technically brocade and she could be in danger with the judges. Instead of taking the warning the way it was intended (as help) she snaps back for him to MYOB. Yet, she makes sure to use the true brocade. Then Helen feels she is now free to express her opinion that Jay’s denim dress is looking a little too “club girl” for Sunday brunch which he does not take well at all. A huge brawl ensues. Not really, but it’s obvious the gloves are coming off.
Off to the runway…the judges this week are Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and menswear designer (and 2011 CFDA winner) Michael Bastian (FINALLY, a designer!).
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Sonjia
Sonjia (brocade/bachelorette party) – Designing something she would wear to her own upcoming bachelorette party in Vegas serves Sonjia well. As does heeding the warning about her non-brocade fabric (which she doesn’t use). Isaac is thankful Sonjia accomplished producing a classy, not sluty Vegas garment, yet Michael disagrees. Georgina feels the top is a but heavy, but it’s brocade! Um, hello. Anyway, Sonjia wins.
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Helen
Helen (brocade/awards ceremony) – Gerogina has a problem with a high slit, bare midrif, plunging neckline and corset all at the same time which reads sluty. She should have chosen just one slut element. However, Helen’s smart use of both sides of the fabric to create paneling is praised, so she’s safe.
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Michelle
Michelle (lace/gallery opening) – Michael is surprised how well Michelle is able to pull off a color like chartreuse which he admits he typically hates. She explains her process of using the color graduation of her lace to create a bid of modesty yet, Issac likes the visible bra and continues to tell her she’s a “dirty little wink,” but he dislikes the padded hips. She’s safe.
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Justin
Justin (silk/gallery opening) – Something just isn’t right about the dress and considering Justin has a fairly easy combination, Michael can’t understand why his garment is such a fail. Issac says the proportions are off while Georgina thinks the sleeves are the problem. Either way, Justin is safe.
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Fabio
Fabio (denim/masquerade) – Fabio blew it by not using a true denim! We all know that pink denim is not really denim and is going to piss off the judges. Michael is annoyed Fabio used the least “denim-y denim” he could find. Isaac practically vomits and can’t decide if it’s the garment or the tacky styling so instead he just calls it an epic failure. Phew. Fabio is safe.
Project-Runway-All-Stars-Season-4 Gunnar-
Gunnar (brocade/masquerade ball) – Personally I don’t think this garment is nearly as hideous as Fabio’s, but Isaac feels the fringe on the bodice is incomplete. True it’s not very “masquerad-y,” but Gunnar’s inability to commit to a look early on (changing it constantly) means he ran out of time. He’s out. *I have to say I was shocked by his graciousness and words of true encouragement to his fellow designers upon his dismissal. I originally found Gunnar to be a bit of a bitch, but in all my years of watching Project Runway, I have never seen a designer exit with such class. Bravo (er, I mean Lifetime)!
 Memorable Quotes:
“I see tweed on there, I see denim, I see Masquerade Ball – I see all these things on there that I don’t want to involve myself in…” – Samantha
“Velvet… I’d rather shoot myself to tell the truth.” – Dmitry
“If I don’t find the right fabric its going to make my girl look like a walking couch.” – Helen
“Most people would look at these colors and go ‘Holy sh*t – Grandma!'” – Michelle
“Instead of using it as a necklace my crazy ass is going to put it on her head.” – Fabio
“I love the bottom…I just need to love the top.” – Gunnar
“Immediately I feel sick to my stomach…and I wish I had a little Pepto-Bismol right now.”  – Fabio
“I feel I’m in the safe float zone meets bottom feeders.” – Gunnar
“Why do you want to make her ass look 3 times bigger?” – Dmitry
“It’s like uptight bridesmaid in the 80s … and the 90s” – Michelle
“There is something so unweirdly unresolved about this dress.” – Isaac
“I love the dirty little wink…” – Isaac
“Somehow you found the least denimy denim.” – Michael Bastian
“I was already there, and getting like Ceasar’s Palace cocktail waitress…” -Michael Bastian
“That was an epic failure.” – Isaac
“I’m baffled…and then stick a necklace on her head…” – Georgina
“It’s an insult to every bird and butterfly I ever saw.” – Isaac
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime

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