Video. H&M Brings the SS 2012 Trends!

Who’s ready for spring?!
H&M gives us a little preview of some of the trends you need to know for Spring/Summer 2012! And it’s time to put away the kiddie clothes, this year is all about achieving more of a grown-up look.

If you’re at work and can’t hear the video, here are a few quick tips that were given out:

  • Pastels are the “it” clothing color for spring, but not the obnoxious hues. Stick to more of the dusty, pale, baby and muted varieties.
  • Make sure to tailor your pieces this year, for both soft and sharp looks. The look is for the individual and you want your piece to fit you and only you.
  • Bangles and statement necklaces are still in! With shoes, there will be lots of neon accents to add to those wedges.

Start looking for these trends now! Odds are, you’ve probably got a few of them already…
– Taneisha Jordan
Video: YouTube

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