Beauty. Victoria Secret's 2008 Fashion Show Makeup in Review…


As I watched this year’s Victoria Secret Fashion Show I sat amazed at the fabulousVs2_2 makeup! Strutting down the glittery walk way, the glamorous Victoria Secret models were laced with sparkle, shine, heavily lined, mascara-laced eyes. I sat in awe, trying to figure out what makeup they could have possibly used to give the models that ultra sexy glam look.

Well, Lead Makeup Artist, Charlotte Tilbury, gave a closeup and review of the products as well as an inside video on how to achieve this year’s VS makeup look. This year’s looks were created from Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Makeup Line. According to Tilbury, the overall look is "doe-eyed Bambi. It is a little bit dreamy, like a chic silhouette. There is an innocence to it", said Tilbury.


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"The models’ eyes were drenched in shimmery gold and brown eyeshadows like Silky Eyeshadow in Chills, Mystified, Behind the Sheets, and Champagne and lined with Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate." Per the video below, Starry Eyed Silky Eyeshadow was used all over the lid. "High Definition Mascara in Blackest Black was applied to both top and bottom to give the most luscious lashes."

Vs_2 "To play up the cheekbones, Tilbury highlighted and contoured them with Mosaic Bronzer in Goddess, Mosaic Blush in Love Life and Heidi Klum Collection Blush in Jewels." Lips were line with the Lip Liner in Ginger Spice. Then, "apply a peachy color (Perfect Lipstick in Whisper) was applied and topped with a pale pink gloss (Lip Gloss in Intimate) and a nude brown (Heidi Klum Collection Lip Gloss in Cupcake), to complete the deliciously seductive look."

The best thing about this look was that it was able to be used on everyone and looked spectacular on all the skintones. I loved the highlighted, brightness of the eyes, the shimmery skin, and the amazing cheeks! I admit I will never look like the Victoria Secret models, but I can achieve great makeup like them!

Now check out this Video to see how to get the Victoria’s Secret makeup look!

– Kelley D. Woods, Beauty Writer

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