Urban Decay Squeeze-Tube Eyeshadow Primer!


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in tube form!

Beauty mavens rejoice! Urban Decay has finally answered our prays about changing their packaging so that we can get every last drop out of that magical elixir onto our pretty peepers.

Don't know the drama behind their last potion bottle? Well let me fill you in! Their last container that looked sort of like a shapely pen, withheld a lot of the primer in the recesses of its curves! If you didn't know that, you probably threw away a small jars worth of the primer whenever you thought it was empty!


I'm sure everybody cried a bit after reading that last part, like I did, but now it's time to wipe those tears and celebrate! We no longer have to be like Pooh Bear and get our head stuck in a jar for the last lick of honey. We can now be like those gorgeous news anchors that are always ready for "prime time!"

-Yen Le 

Photos & Source: sephora, logicalharmony

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