Fall in Love With DKNY's Fall 2010 Active Rain Boots


Leave it to DKNY to come up with an active rain boot that not only keeps your feet super dry in the pouring rain, but looks cool! Hey, fall is just minutes away and that usually means slugging through some pretty miserable rainy days, especially if you live in a city and have to walk everywhere! available in a range of colors, designs and styles, DKNY's Fall Active Rain Boots can be worn with dresses and jeans

Choose between the Niagara Rainboot (the one with the rain girl image shown in yellow and red) $120, the Noli Rainboot (the shorter style with the token print) $110 and my favorite the Neve (shown in solid black) $120.

The Niagara & Noli are available at Zappos and DKNY.com

The Neve can be found at select stores.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

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