The Thing I am Loving Today: Cartier – Juste un Clou Collection

Only Cartier could make a nail look elegant and not grungy. Great, now add a Juste un Clou bracelet to my wish list from Cartier. In case you need reminding (or my husband does) that would also be a rose gold Ballon Bleu and a gold LOVE bracelet. But I digress.
The new Juste un Clou collection (which translates to “Just a Nail”) of rings & bracelets is scheduled to arrive in stores on April 13th, 2012. Each bracelet and ring is shaped in nail form, made pure of 18 karat white, rose or classic yellow gold and can include pavé diamonds. Cartier describes the collection as an “expression of a rebellious nature and the reflection of self-belief.” The collection ranges from $3,000 to almost $35,000.
To commemorate the release of the Juste un Clou relaunch, Cartier has curated an exhibition at the Cartier Mansion on Fifth Avenue in here in the NYC. Cartier & Aldo Cipullo, New York City in the ‘70s,” will run for a limited time from April 13th-May 8th. Showcasing the history of Cartier during an era when the first nail bracelet was designed, as well as delve into the life of Aldo Cipullo, who also designed the iconic LOVE Bracelet.

The Cartier Mansion is located at 653 Fifth Avenue, New York City.
Call 212.446.3400 for more info on the collection and/or the exhibit.
Source: Cartier

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