Trend Anticipated for Spring 2010: Showing Lots of Leg!

One may think it is November, why would I need to know about spring trends when we have not even dealt with winter yet? This well-in-advance notice is to allow you enough time to get in the best shape of your life because previewed for this spring are the shortest of shorts,  hot pants to be exact. There are two types of these pants: the high-waisted and the mid-cut (starting below your belly button). Hemlines are creeping far above the previous length, almost at negatives now, so get those legs ready!


Sienna Miller in high-waisted hot pants paired with tights


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Ashley Greene, Taylor Momsen and Whitney Port in high-waisted hot pants

We also are going to be seeing boy shorts. It will probably be a shock to our eyes, but just like every other bizarre fashion trend, our eyes will eventually adjust. The super snug shorts will walk their way down streets with at baggy t-shirt as a possible distraction, balancing out the overall image. 


Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham in boy shorts/short shorts

If you are not comfortable wearing, practically what you would wear to bed, on the streets then this option might better suit you: tap pants. This type of pant will be the comfortable alternative that will still allow you to present a chic outfit. The flowing material, that will not suffocate whatever leg you have covered, will compliment those stubborn upper thighs with a classy twist.


Leighton Meester and Lauren Conrad in loose tap pants

The bodysuit has seemingly done most of us justice. It tucks away and hides any flaws we may have, giving any body ultimately a gratifying shape. Thank goodness it will be a highlighted piece this spring! We can feel sexy and comfortable while looking fearless and confident.


Kate Moss in a bodysuit paired with sheer tights

Source: Fashionising

Photo Source: Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Wire Image

-Heather Youkhana


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