Lingerie. Shhh! It's a Top Secret (Bra) Society


Top Secret Society is a new line of bra tops out of Miami. It’s not too often you see a bra that offers both comfort and is still easy on the eyes. Top Secret Society developed a hip, chic, fashionable yet comfortable bra top that can be worn under anything, even as a favorite accessory piece! These comfy bra tops are meant to show, in fact, you’ll want to show a bit of them. That’s why they are not it a secret anymore!

The sisters behind Top Secret Society, Andrea and Michelle Varat, started Top Secret in 2007. The inspiration to create a line of stylish bras arose after Michelle traveled through South America. She loved how the women there wore bra tops instead of the bras American women wear. They were lighter and more versatile.  When Michelle got back to the states, she couldn’t find anything like them so she decided to start manufacturing her own. Michelle has become the mastermind behind the production of Top Secret Society while Andrea had the niche for the marketing aspect. 

The Sexyback is perfect for night with lace all around it and the Prop Top is perfect for everyday wear.  Supplex is in every bra giving them a blend of nylon and spandex but also the soft hand of cotton.  It washes well and does not pill.  Top Secret Society is practical yet stylish and is soon to be the new face in bra tops with celebrity fans such as Kate Hudson and Hillary Duff. 

Top Secret gives you subtle security without blowing your cover.  The secret is out! 


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