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TOMS Shoes was founded in May 2006 by former Amazing Race contestant Blake Mycoskie. How is this for business model? For EVERY pair purchased, a pair is given to a child in need. They don’t just send a truck or a plane or whatever, they literally go to Argentina, South Africa, Ethiopia, even the Mississippi Gulf Coast and hand the shoes to each person. In fact, shoppers can pay $1,800 to accompany TOMS on a shoe drop – which covers flight, housing…everything!


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Toms_shoesSo far, over 115,000 pairs of shoes have been donated by TOMS and this season, the brand has gone on a super-ambitious mission – to sell, and therefore GIVE 30,000 pairs of shoes in 30 Days! You can check out the video here – – it’s short but quite moving. So far, they’re at 24,000 so they are just about on track to meet the goal!

Consider The Holiday Gift Set for a holiday gift that gives back! It includes a copy of the award-winning For Tomorrow -the TOMS Shoes Story DVD and a gift certificate for a Free Pair of TOMS – up to $50.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of these shoes, but how can you not be won over by such an amazing and selfless mission? They look really cute on kids! 

Purchase the set here:

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