How To Dress For a Holiday Party: Heidi Klum Style


You may not picture her as the quintessential fashionista incarnate, but Ms. Victoria’s Secret herself, Heidi Klum, has surprised us this year with some bold style choices.  Her dressy prints, blunt hairdos, and luxurious heels make her the obvious choice for holiday party go-to girl. And no, she doesn’t always wear amazing gowns, frothy dresses, and big bold hats (or wings!) but when she does, you’ll know she’ll do it up big. And we like it that way.

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Go Bold
We’re not talking bright colors or lavish prints here. Sure, reds, floral, and shiny ensembles make for great party outfits, but Heidi turned it up a notch when she went for the unexpected. Four inch suede YSL “Tribute” heels with a silver sequined dress and angel wings for effect. Finally, a glamorous Old Hollywood style top hat with her black and red floral dress at the Victoria’s Secret flagship store opening in NYC. Ok, so top hats may not be your thing (think Lil’ Mama at the MTV Video Music Awards) but being bold is and you can do it right by flaunting your features with a bright color or a flashy accessory.

Add Height
What do I mean by height? Heels, of course! What better way to glam up an outfit than by pretty, luxurious heels.  Heidi loves wearing them to parties, of course. And why not? Heels, in any color, can make or break an outfit. The tan round toe pumps she wore with the dark-green keyhole Roland Mouret dress at the Project Runway fashion show at Bryant Park finale added a classy umph to her ensemble.  The tassled and beaded Louis Vuitton heels she wore perked up a black strapless jumpsuit and were named one of’s Most Outrageous Shoes. The gray-blue suede YSL pumps she wore with an intricate cocktail dress to the German Top Model premiere were stylish and sexy. As were the black peeptoes with the floral minidress. Heidi know how to touch up her outfit just right — it’s all in the shoes.

It’s All In The Intricacies
An outfit can be one sold color, but there’s something about the tailoring that offsets it from the rest. Heidi’s great at doing this. The black and red floral Yaya Aflalo strapless mini had just the right touch of bold and elegant. The black strapless jumpsuit may have seen monotone, but the bosom was pleated and the sides were cut with intricate handiwork. A sleek black dress with a sheen had the perfect cow neck draping around her collar. Finally, the pinkish, tapered cocktail dress may have looked normal, but upon closer inspection you may notice intricate details in the way the outfit was created. You don’t always have to wear the brightest neon or the most lavish pumps, but draping, pleating, and details in a dress can really take your holiday party dress to a whole other level. Heidi gets it right every time.

— Simona Kogan

Photos: and Wireimage

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