Get Waisted! Tie Waist Pants

One summer trend both Carol and I have noticed and have grown to like is tie waist pants. One caveat, they need to be cropped with either a wide leg or a tapered leg. Now, we are not talking about sweatpants or pants with an elastic waist you pull on and tie with something resembling a shoelace. These pants have a discernible sash or bow that ties in front or to the side.

Be careful because these pants can be tricky to pull off without looking like you gained weight. Make sure your top is fitted and tucked in. If you are top heavy or large busted (like me) this may be a trend you should skip. I know I’m staying far away. However, if you are small on top this trend just may work for you!

Here are some examples of tie-waist pants available right now…and many are on sale!


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