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Here are some of the hideous fashion disasters of the the famous this week:

Alesha at the New York launch of Vanessa and Angela’s New Sneaker "Pastry"

Comment: Yes, the songstress is adorable, but this is a woman! She is not 12. Even though the boots are Chanel, they are fuuuuugly. Sorry. I don’t know bugs me more…the pink bag or the black bra. She’s thinking: Baby, I am one hot baby!


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Amy Fine Collins at the 25th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon in NY

Comments: Amy Fine (Collins) not looking so divine. That hat is ridiculous. Lilacs are my favorite flower and she totally ruined them for me. I am going to have a nightmare about this. I just know it. She’s thinking: I have to be noticed. Whatever it takes.

Kirsten Vangsness at the Fifth Annual Backstage at The Geffen Gala

Comments: The Criminal Minds actress should be criminally charged for this get-up. Is this for real? I am speechless. From head to toe…oh forget it. She’s thinking: I wonder if anyone gets that I’m goofin’ on ya’ll.

Mary McFadden at the same Olmsted Luncheon mentioned above.

Comments: She a fashion designer! There is no plausible reason anyone should leave the house looking like this. Unless it was on fire. She’s thinking: Maybe I should have saved my Yorkie instead of this bathrobe and crazy hat.

Joley Fisher at the Fifth Annual Geffen Gala

Comments: This pains me because Joley Fisher rocks, but can you see what is horribly wrong here? Her boobs are begging to be set free. This dress is so tight that the halter strap is literally severing her breasts in half. Pretty dress, pretty woman, ugly fit. She’s thinking: I can’t breathe. Is it getting dark out here? I’m going to pass out.

Sarah Brightman at the Classical Brit Awards

Comment: To have a voice like an angel and arrive looking like the devil in drag is just tragic. Get a load of those shoes (think fish are swimming in the heels?)! She’s thinking: I hope I get out of here in time for my 11 o’clock performance at the club. Let’s hurry this along shall we?

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