The Thing I Am Loving Today: Alexander Wang Emily Oxford Booties

Admittedly, I am obsessed with all things Alexander Wang. I love the modern construction and the cool look of the pieces in his collections – and the sculptural chic-rocker design of his shoes. But most of them are killer high heels, which can look great when you are standing at a party, but not great for walking around town. Whenever I see his shoes I am reminded that he is very young! I keep thinking “Take them down about an inch, please!” But he has always included some low and mid-heeled shoes, and if you don’t act quickly, they sell out!
Well I nabbed a pair of these Alexander Wang Emily Oxford Booties, when there were only 2 pairs left!  (Good news – I noticed they restocked them at shopbop). At first I was not sure about these shoes. Are they too mannish? Are they not very exciting for an Alexander Wang? Or are they too much like those half cowboy type booties we wore in the 90s?! But then I realized … these could fit the bill … as shoes that will work with straight leg jeans and pants or with tights, and also be comfortable enough to walk in! Yay! The 1-3/4″ heel makes them not-so-clunky and more flattering than a flat. I ordered them and they arrived yesterday and yes, they’re keepers! They are comfortable and  the patent and zipper detail in the back of the heel looks even more interesting “In real life” than in the picture! And – they are cool but don’t look like I’m trying too hard. Love them!
Alexander Wang Emily Oxford Booties, $450
—Carol Calacci

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