The Thing I Am Loving Today: H&M Conscious Floral Pajama Pants

Yes, you read the headline right, I am actually loving these H&M floral pajama pants made of 100% recycled polyester (yikes) from their Conscious line. Seriously. I attended the press preview Wednesday afternoon and when I saw these, along with a black silk-ish top, I swooned. Heck, I’ve been eying a similar pair for $295 so these are a relative bargain. Yes, I know I run the risk of seeing these pants everywhere, but for $34.95 who cares? It’s a risk I’m willing to take. I will just make sure to pair them with expensive shoes and accessories, since I believe in mixing low with, um, high. These babies hit stores today, so don’t you dare snag my pair! I’m not sharing my size, just in case…
-Lauren Dimet Waters

2 thoughts on “The Thing I Am Loving Today: H&M Conscious Floral Pajama Pants”

    • Hey, as a person who used to break out in rash from hearing the WORD polyester I hear you. However, I promise that actually feel great in person. I did snag a air today and can tell you they run really big. I would up with a small and I always take a medium.


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