The Face: Season 1 Episode 6 – Justice Served


This may just have been the best episode of the season yet. Right before the finale, The Face decides to throw in a surprising twist of double elimination in the 6th episode. All we can say is that we”ve been waiting for the competition to get fiercer, and now it has!

The 6th test shoot, “What”s in Your Bag,” a test to see how the girls can speak under pressure. With Karolina as the judge, Jennifer Huras from US Weekly was brought in alongside her to ask some rough questions. Each girl was given a bag with an item in it and had to speak about the item then answer questions about it. The focus was on how well the girls could handle themselves and show their personalities. First up was Jocelyn, and tasked to talk about a pair of fuzzy slippers it”s no surprise that she showed no personality and flopped. After her was Stephanie who was given a condom and was nervous through out the whole time speaking. As Jennifer grills her with questions about sex, she probably lets slip more than she”d like. “Sorry mom” she tried to whisper. Ebony was given a condom too and just rolled with it. Stephanie pointed out that Ebony always talks about sex anyway. Devyn had a pair of baby shoes and made everyone gush over them. Karolina even admitted that Devyn is the whole package and that she can be The Face. Despite Karolina being Devyn”s coach, we can see what Karolina is talking about. She”s tough competition. Margaux had a pair of mustache printed boy boxers and awkwardly crawled through conversation saying that it belongs to her boyfriend. Margaux is very shy and has limited personality, but we are really rooting for her. She delivers the best photos. Lastly was Zi Lin who definitely struggles with English. She was given a pink hat with pins and somehow knows how to talk about the exceptionally boring hat and make a story out of it. Turns out, Zi Lin wins the test shoot. Then we remember she has pageant training, and it all makes sense.


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In between the test shoot and the challenge, the models are told that there will be a double elimination, and that the two girls on the team who wins automatically go to the finale. The other four will have to duke it out in the elimination room. As for the actual challenge, the girls will walk the red carpet for an US Weekly event wearing gowns from Guido Maria Kretshmer, an upcoming European designer. The winning girls will receive custom made dresses from Guido and will be flown to Germany to open and close his show. All girls are excited for the opportunity to wear Guido”s gowns, but the realization that any girl can go home sinks in, and each coach instructs her girls very carefully on how to act on a red carpet.

The challenge is judged by media journalist William Norwich and famous super model Pat Cleveland. Again, the challenge is about having personality and being the When you need to leave the house, you can now take us with you! To the Casino Tournament Cash Every day at ComeOn! we run 2 tournaments. face of a brand. The girls are judged on how well they answer questions and engage with those on the red carpet. First on the fake carpet is Stephanie and Margaux. Both girls are very lively and beautiful until they meet a surprise twist: Wendy Williams. Ever see Wendy Williams” show? She”s not afraid to ask daring questions and pry into your life. Right when the girls sit down, Wendy asks Margaux why she thinks she should be the face of Ulta Beauty, and Margaux unfortunately gets visibly uncomfortable and answers poorly. On the other hand, Stephanie works her answers very well like how we are used to seeing. We really never thought Stephanie would get on the same level as Margaux, but for the second week in a row, she outshone her. The second group to go is Zi Lin and Jocelyn. Immediately, Jocelyn disappears in Zi Lin”s presence and is very unenthusiastic on the carpet. Her answers are mediocre, and she doesn”t want to give Wendy any answers about her love life. On the other hand, Zi Lin is poised but energetic on the carpet. She again handles questions very well and captures Billy Norwich”s interest. Her only mistake is lying to Wendy about the name of her eyeshadow color from Ulta. Obviously she doesn”t know what the purple shadow”s name is, so she makes her own special name up instead, which doesn”t go well with the judges. Last to go are Ebony and Devyn. Both look stunning on the carpet, bring personality and answer Wendy”s very tough questions quite well until she asks Devyn if she felt it”s very difficult to be a black model. Devyn responded with saying that she doesn”t consider herself a black model, and that news did not go over well with Naomi at all. Naomi is very verbal and loud about her distaste toward”s Devyn”s answer.


When it came down to judging and who”d win, we thought it was pretty obvious. Ebony and Devyn were the only balanced team of girls where one girl didn”t outshine the other. And they acted very smoothly on the carpet. Like predicted, Team Karolina won the challenge and both Devyn and Ebony will be advancing to the finale. Now for the most anticipated part of the episode: elimination round. One girl from each losing team will be sent home. We were waiting to see how elimination would play out. Would Karolina play strategically, or would she be fair and choose the girls that deserve to stay? During elimination, the girls had to talk about why they think they are better than the other girl on their team – sounds like it could get pretty catty! Zi Lin plays it off well by saying that she doesn”t want to put anyone else down, but she deserves to stay because of her good performance. We loved her answer and we pretty much really love her for doing so well throughout this competition. Jocelyn”s only comment was that she “really wants this.” Karolina definitely doesn”t look impressed. On to Stephanie and Margaux, we were really surprised when Margaux spoke up against Stephanie and actually attacked her. Well, we finally see her personality, but we”re glad to see that she has a voice somewhere. Stephanie does the best she can to defend herself and looks pretty taken aback at Margaux”s sudden attack. Karolina tells Stephanie that she doesn”t know if there”s enough time for her to catch up on the modeling side. We really agree. In the end, Karolina eliminates Jocelyn and Stephanie and we sigh with relief. Who knew which way Karolina would take this competition, but she let the girls who deserve to stay, stay! We”ve been waiting for Jocelyn, who under delivers each challenge, go home for a very long time. We also knew Stephanie doesn”t deserve winning over Margaux! So justice is served!


Naomi has a different opinion on Margaux staying and tells Karolina that she made a mistake for her girls because Margaux can beat them. Karolina argues back and says she chose the girls who deserve to stay, and we can”t agree more!

– Christine Hopkins

Photos: Oxygen

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