The New Braiding Handbook…Easy Styling For Even The Braiding Inept

  braiding_9 When it comes to braiding my own hair (or anyone else’s) I am pathetic. Turns out I’m not alone. Hair braiding is hotter than ever and the evolution of styles is growing rapidly. I only wish I could only create a perfect fishtail braid, Celtic knot, braided crown and waterfall braid. I have to rely on braid bars to achieve these looks and they are not cheap. So when I read and learned the author of this book, blogger Abby Smith, was at first inept at braiding, but taught herself to braid through hours and hours of practicing, and then wrote a a step-by-step instruction manual I had to read on.”Even just a few years ago I had no idea how to French braid. And the only curls I could get were unflattering ringlets that immediately fell flat. I decided to teach myself all I could about styling hair. This book is proof that if I could do it, so can you. It’s not a talent, it’s a skill, ” says Abby Smith.
An index page of styles you can try yourself.
An index page of styles you can master yourself.
The New Braiding Handbook has a wide variety (60 in fact) of easy-to-re-create, beautiful, and versatile looks that are as appropriate for elegant formal events as they are practical for casual, everyday wear. With step-by-step photos and detailed instructions for creating trendy knots, chic twists, and playful plaits, The New Braiding Handbook teaches imaginative and intricate hairstyling like you’ve never seen before.In fact, I myself have found myself with this book open on my bathroom sink counter, trying some out. There are even a few times I have worn my work out of the house! Mind you, I need hours and hours more of practice (which I don’t have), but I’m now at least willing to attempt braiding and some updos…just in time for summer. braiding_5 There are not only easy-to-follow tutorials, there are also tons of tips for eliminating split ends, bulking up limp locks, growing out a short ’do, and getting a full, healthy, shiny head of hair straight from the pages of a magazine.
Another look you can master.
Another look you can master.
Our babysitter, who has beautiful long brown hair was so intrigued…she bought her own copy! In fact, this book would make the perfect gift for every teenager to trendy adult you know.
You can do this! I have...
You can do this! I have…
The New Braiding Handbook: 60 Modern Twists on the Classic Hairstyle, $13.68 – Lauren Dimet Waters Copy provided for review, but opinions are my own.

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