Chicago Event. Louis Vuitton Store Opening At Nordstrom. Quite A Party.


If you haven’t seen the new Louis Vuitton store within the Nordstrom store, it is really quite beautiful! I was told that it is one of the largest of its kind, but it filled up quickly at the champagne reception last Thursday evening. Party-goers were enjoying Moet (I loved how they came around and poured refills for us) while cameras and photos were being snapped of Chicago athletes, store executives and shoppers!


Even with the crowd I still managed to look at every item in the shop – even the men’s ties – which were beautiful! I saw purchases of bags and wallets, and a lot of looks at the sunglasses and jewelry counter. All the Louis Vuitton items were eye candy! I saw the perfect tall black boot – but wait…it is still summer!


For some reason this tote bag (above) was my favorite! Yes, I said for some reason. I know it is a bit over the top, but I’d like to carry it on the French Riviera.

Chicago Bulls’ Ben Gordon, Louis Vuitton President and CEO Daniel Lalonde, and Chicago Bulls’ Imran John

Nate Berkus and Pete Nordstrom

And what’s so funny? The joke here is that Peter Nordstrom, President of Merchandising, appeared to be close to seven feet tall – actually taller than some of the Bulls players! Nate Berkus just may be standing on a chair!

—Carol Calacci

Photos: Robert F. Carl and Dan Rest

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