Off Topic. Dirty Mouth? Orbit Gum is Yummy & Fashionable


Granted, chomping on gum is not very fashionable, but it’s a definite fashion faux pas to have bad breath and a dirty mouth. Ever ridden in a crowded elevator at 9am? Then you know of what I speak.

In the privacy of my own home (or when my husband who hates gum isn’t around) I am totally hooked on Orbit gum. It’s packed with flavor and sugar-free! The three pictured above are my absolute favorites. I have tried them all!

Orbit offers a variety of unique tastes and colors for fashion trendsetters. For the diva who loves exotic, crisp flavors, Orbit’s new MAUI MELON MINT is the perfect complement and for today’s bold color chameleon, a pack of LEMON-LIME completes the look. Whether you love mint, fruit or a tasty combination of both, Orbit’s flavors will make a style statement and leave your mouth with that ‘just brushed feeling’ every time.


Recently added to the Orbit family is 5 ELIXIR stick gum which comes in a chic black package slender enough for the smallest or most sophisticated evening bag. Flavors include: RAIN (Spearmint), COBALT (Peppermint), FLARE (Cinnamon), LUSH (a luscious tropical flavor) and ELIXIR (a mouth-watering berry flavor), add to 5’s signature style.

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