Lastest Obsession. Glorious Island Mystique Sandals

I’m in love. Obsessed is more like it. Last week while on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard (where are there are no deals to be found) I discovered Mystique Sandals. They seemed to be everywhere. Somewhat like Jack Rogers (mine are so uncomfortable I will be selling them on eBay if interested), but with a much more varied selection. There must be at least 100 styles this season alone.

Comfortable and affordable these sandals range in price from $100- $150, so pick up a few pairs. I did! The best part? You won’t see yourself coming and going. There is a style (or two) for everyone.


Mystique Sandal Tiger Mother of Pearl  $135

Mystique Rosebud White $115


Mystique Gold Coin and Turquoise Sandals $125


Mystique 2229 Black Patent Gladiators $139


Mystique T of Flowering in White $125 


Mystique Sandal Jeweled Coin Silver $135


Mystique Bead Strap Sandals $125

Mystique Starfish Green Gold $120


Mystique 3028 Silver Baubles $150


Mystique Flower Mother of Pearl $145

For the largest selection of Mystique Sandals check out Sandal World

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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  1. I love Mystique! I have a pair just like the 3028 Silver Baubles, but in black…check out on Friday, August 1…Mystique will be on sale for up to 75% off!


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