The Robe: A Summer Wardrobe Essential

As you already know, I’m all about pajama dressing. I love that the lingerie-as-daywear trend has legs and it’s not just for the festival loving 20-somethings either! Wear a mid length silky robe as a jacket or a longer style on cool summer evenings. Look for a satin or silk in solid black or a pattern that speaks to you (like florals or stripes). Be careful to avoid the telltale lace trim or it will be a dead giveaway the robe is really meant to stay indoors.

Wear your robe open with the belt tied in the back as an over coat with a simple and fitted outfit underneath like skinny jeans and a tank, or my favorite…a silk sleeveless jumpsuit. Or you can wear a robe tied as a dress…as long as it hits past the knee. You are NOT to old to rock this effortless look. Trust me, I wear my robe in public all the time…and I’m pretty sure I look chic, not homeless.

New York Fashion Week Spring '16: DKNY Heads Back to School

The first DKNY collection since Donna Karan stepped down as Chief Designer hit the runway at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday. Taking the reigns instead were design duo Dao-yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne or collectively known as Public School. What I appreciated about these new-comers is that they stayed true to the DKNY brand …

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Shop Urban Zen By Donna Karan Online

Urban Zen is now available online! The lifestyle brand created by Donna Karan inspired by her philosophy of living launched an e-commerce site yesterday. Urban Zen is collective of Karan’s experiences as a designer, yogi, philanthropist, and traveler. It is a connection of mind, body and spirit touched and inspired by cultures and craftsman from …

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