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Urban Zen is now available online! The lifestyle brand created by Donna Karan inspired by her philosophy of living launched an e-commerce site yesterday. Urban Zen is collective of Karan’s experiences as a designer, yogi, philanthropist, and traveler. It is a connection of mind, body and spirit touched and inspired by cultures and craftsman from around the world.
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The shopping site is a reflection of the Urban Zen lifestyle stores (currently located in New York City and Aspen Colorado) and offers a namesake collection of luxurious women’s ready-to-wear apparel, artisan jewelry, handcrafted leather pieces, globally inspired furniture and home décor, as well as other objects of desire.
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Urban Zen’s products are developed in partnership with artisans from around the world who align with Karan’s ideals of a soulful economy mission. Follow Donna Karan travels around the world on the site, including her personal inspirations, special events and well-being initiatives. Urban Zen supports the Urban Zen Foundation, which strives to create, connect and collaborate to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of preservation of culture, well-being and education.
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– Carol Calacci

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