Celebrity Style Steal: Ashley Olsen’s Business Cool

Bring out the white and creams for this spring season with an easy-to-wear, Ashley Olsen inspired ensemble. Start off with an Equipment white button down blouse. This essential works for the office and you can throw it on with a pair of denim shorts for the weekend. What makes this neutral outfit work is the texture from the skirt.

Trend Report: The White Blazer

Ashley Olsen, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce  Besides my dying obsession of sky-high heels, blazers have won over my heart with the structured fit that never seems to deny any outfit. From futuristic shoulders to glistening embellishments, blazers act as the icing on the cake, and without this bold overlay, outfits could be bland. Now more than …

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Celebrity Style. CFDA 2009 Flops and Flaunts

The 2009 Council of Fashion Awards brought out some heavy fashion hitters last night, but it wasn't the stylists themselves that got the people talking.  It was, of course, the stars! But while many surprised in wonderful, but risk-taking get-ups, which actually looked–well, pretty decent, a few looked like they just couldn't get it right.  …

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