Summer Beauty: The Top 10 Waterproof Mascaras

Waterproof Mascaras, Group of Mascaras On my last pilgrimage to Target I was on the hunt for waterproof mascara since I have been ordered to swim this summer for rehab. I was shocked to find only one brand (in fact one tube) of black waterproof mascara in the entire store. Was this the summer of ’79? I thought waterproof mascaras had come a long way. Turns out, they have … Target was just apparently wiped out. So I have been testing waterproof mascaras ever since (all in the name of research) and here are the top 10 (in no particular order): 1. M·A·C ‘Zoom Waterfast Lash’ Mascara, $17 Once can always count on MAC for a great mascara and their Zoom Waterfast Lash Mascara is no exception. This formula and thin brush applicator is just like their amazing original Zoom Lash (curls and lengthens) so you can expect the same sculpted drama only this one is tear, sweat, humidity and waterproof! It provides up to twelve hours of smudge-proof wear! 2. Estée Lauder ‘Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof’ Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara, $26 To be honest this one was the most surprising and became one of my favorites because once applied my lashes were extremely voluminous and long and it lasted through a session of swimming! Exclusive multiplying fibers act almost like lash extensions, multiplying and growing the look of lashes. This formula creates extreme volume, lift and curves that last through all wet conditions (truly). Better yet, conditioning Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex keeps lashes supple for up to 10 hours of torture. The oversized brush combs and separates for clump-free definition. 3. Lancôme ‘Hypnôse Drama’ Waterproof Instant Full Body Volume Mascara, $27.50
If you are a contact lens wearer you probably already know Lancôme makes mascara that doesn’t flake. I’ve tried and loved them all so it was no surprise I was going to equally adore the waterproof version of Hypnôse. A single coat is all it takes to get instant lash drama with this extreme volume-boosting mascara. The curved brush makes sure every lash is fully coated creating fanned-out, full-body fringed lashes. Simply let the brush glide up lashes from root to tip using a zigzag movement then flip to the convex side and comb through for a fanned out effect.
4. Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes, $5.49
This was the single mascara I found at Target. The oversized brush combined with a lengthening and thickening non-clumping formula, will help you realize full, plumped and exaggerated lashes that last through lots of splashes for under $10!
5. Tarte Lights Camera Splashes Waterproof Mascara, $21 One of my all-time favorite mascaras is Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes. I have gone though tube after tube over the past decade. So I guess it would come as no surprise that I’d love the waterproof version. It’s 4-in-1 formula (lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning) gives you those bombshell lashes you desire – and lasts through an evening of tear-jearker movies. It’s infused with Skinvigorating™ ingredients that soothe and soften, and it adds dramatic height to lashes without any icky stuff like parabens, sulfates and Phthalates. 6. By Terry Mascara Terrybly Waterproof, $48 This is the waterproof version of the cult favorite MASCARA TERRYBLY GROWTH BOOSTER. In essence this is a waterproof exclusive care serum make-up for lashes that’s more than a mascara. Guaranteeing voluminous lash amplitude, it stretches out and curves lashes for a “false lashes” effect that remains water-resistant rain or shine. The triple “filmogenic” waterproof complex covers and protects lashes one by one in a silky, ultra-stay “glossy” coat which won’t dry out. The maximizer precision brush helps stretch and consistently covers each lash from root to tip without clumping or crumbling. It lasts through laughing, crying or diving!
Covergirl claims this formula will increase volume from corner to corner by 400%. That includes those tiny, hard to reach corner lashes. Now, do I like this as much as my favorite Covergirl Clump Crush mascara? Not quite, but that’s a hard love to find. This comes close.
8. Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, $16.50 This waterproof version of High Impact Mascara can stand up to heat, humidity or just an active day. It provides instant volume and length that resists flaking, clumping and smudging and it’s safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 9. Circa Beauty Absolute Lash Icon Waterproof, $12 This is one of the best drugstore priced mascaras I’ve ever tried. It could be due to the unique applicator. The molded large brush separates, coats and curls each lash for a false eye-lash effect. There is a little ball brush at the end of the applicator which makes getting those hard-to-reach corners a cinch. The flexible and fast drying formula is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 & Avocado oil to keep lashes nourished, soft and flexible. Creamy, buildable, silky and clump-free…this mascara is brilliant and affordable. 10. IT Cosmetics Tightline Waterproof Full Lash Mascara, $24 When I first saw the tiny comb/wand applicator I didn’t think it would work, but I was wrong! This budge-proof, waterproof full lash length black eyelash primer is another true game-changer in mascara and eyeliner technology. And it’s clinically proven even after 12 hours of wear! The applicator allows you to start coating your lashes at their actual root, so you coat black along your entire lash line (unlike most mascara brushes that are too large to get to the root, leaving the first 1/3 of your lash roots bare!). This gives you ultimate length and volume. But the best part is, if you have sparse or missing lashes, the Tightline brush lays down black pigment along your entire lash line, filling in spare spots, giving you a full beautiful lash line and the look of an eyeliner that lasts all day, even underwater! Eye Makeup Remover: Lancome BI-FACIL – Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover,$29 It’s always important to use an eye makeup remover, but it’s essential to use one when you have been wearing waterproof mascara! As we age we don’t want to do anything to jeopardize our already fragile lashes now do we? Over the years I have tried countless brands, but the best eye makeup remover (bar none) is Lancome’s BI-FACIL – Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. This award-winning formula activates when shaken to gently whisk away even waterproof eye makeup while conditioning and refreshing the skin. This extra gentle formula is ideal for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers and it leaves eyes feeling cool and relaxed without an oily residue. – Lauren Dimet Waters Image: Second City Style

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