Fantastic Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

We’re all about self care right now (and in general) and one of the best ways to take care of yourself and your partner is to have a date night. While that might be complicated at the moment, there are a lot of ways to make a special night happen that don’t involve leaving the friendly and safe confines of your home. Here are some of our favorite stay at home date night ideas.

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

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Get Dressed Up

Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you need to stick to sweats or leggings. Sometimes it is just fun to get dressed up home and enjoy a special dinner or drinks and there’s an added bonus. There’s no need to deal with coat check or any of the other issues that come with going out.

Marabou Boa, $6.43

Or you can get weird with it and wear a crown or feather boa. Actually we recommend just doing that in general. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of quarantine outfits and get a little silly with your partner. Have them take pics!


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One extra bonus to a night in? You don’t need to stick to the standard options…so pull out your vintage pieces, old Halloween costumes, or otherwise get weird. Or maybe even wear what you wished you would have worn to prom if you have more updated pieces in your current wardrobe (and don’t we all?).

stay at home date night ideas dress up
VIJIV Womens Vintage 1930s Cocktail Dress, $36.99

Be Reminiscent

To that point, get out the special outfit you wore on your first date.  Or hell, why not get full on formal and pretend it’s prom or your wedding day? Or better yet, redo it with better fashion choices. If you have any special vintage pieces, wear them at home – the more over-the-top, the better. And if you don’t, Amazon has some fun choices, like this 1930s style cocktail dress. Lounge on the couch with champagne or the beverage of your choice and pretend you are Jean Harlow or another Old Hollywood diva with a fabulous lover.

Get (Or Make) A Special Meal

Depending on where you live, a lot of restaurants might still be delivering, or meal kits can be available. Or you can take the time to cook a special meal together since it’s not like any of us are going anywhere. We like plant-based meals from Purple Carrot even though we’re not vegan, and Sun Basket is another excellent option that you can customize to your dietary preferences.

Also, plenty of local restaurants are offering meal kits so you can help support your favorites. Follow them on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up for their newsletters to figure out which ones are doing meal kits. Of course, you could just get take out, but a special meal that you cook together could be a bonding experience (or you’ll be tempted to stab each other during prep, but we don’t recommend that option).

Read A Book Together

Reading out loud isn’t just for kids and it could be a fun way to connect with your partner. It could be an “adult” bedtime story, or you could get nerdy with something like Lord Of The Rings or escape to a new world with a novel like Shantaram. Perhaps you’s like to check out Drew Magary’s new work Point B which just came out. It’s a teleportation love story.

stay at home date night ideas paint by number
Custom Paint by Number Kit, now $39.99

Do A Paint By Numbers Project Together

Or any other craft really. It doesn’t matter if the results are any good, the fun might be in the process. You can order customized kits based on your favorite photos from My Paint By Numbers. You can use your family pics, vacation pics, a photo that makes you laugh, or whatever else you want.

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Make Playlists

Remember when we made mixtapes for our crushes back in the day? Right now could be a fun time to revisit that feeling (and use headphones if you don’t want to subject everyone in your house to your musical tastes). Also, if you publish any playlists on Spotify please share in our Facebook group!

How are you staying connected with your spouse or partner right now? Or are you just trying not to kill each other? Let us know!

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–Jacqueline Zenn

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  1. My hubby and I don’t do date nights. We are generally together 24/7 and don’t have children so every night is a date night! However, there is something to be said about making an effort to get out of our routine – love some of these ideas!


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