Rosyln Fashion Show at Underground.

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Roslyn Boutique Fashion Show at Underground.

With drink in hand, I waited for the next installment of Underground's Style Series featuring the Roslyn Boutique, a Chicago favorite. I've personally never been in the store before, but soon became a fan.

The clothes that they've styled, were right on target with this season's trends of sherling bomber jackets, shimmery sequins, and wide calf boots, but they've mixed it in away that prominently displayed a Second City quality to it. Maybe it's how we like to blend polish pieces with disheveled accessories, like how they've done above with the sharp black shift and the scuffed ankle booties or below with the shirt-tail jersey dress and the grungy combat boots.

It gives the look a more approachable feel, a Chicagan mentality of wanting to follow all the major trends, but injecting a bit of down-to-earth sensibility.

Roslyn Boutique captured the Chicago's women wants and needs this season perfectly. I though the show was short, sweet, and puntuated with a lot of quality pieces. A must stop shop when you're saying goodbye to Summer and hello to the new Fall wardrobe.


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Trends for the Fall.


-Yen Le
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