Retail Detail. Uniqlo Celebrates Ten Years in T-Shirts, May Be Getting E-Commerce

Japanese retailer Uniqlo has been busy lately The company is currently celebrating the 10th anniversary of it’s t-shirt line, UT. Although what was originally called the,  “Uniqlo T-Shirt Project” officially debuted in 2003, Uniqlo decided to kick things off a little early. To celebrate UT’s first decade, the company will reissue some of its most popular styles from the past and release approximately 50 new ones for the spring season, including fresh designs featuring Hello Kitty, Kitson, Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh. UT shirts of the past, drawing on collaborations with artists, corporations and many other sources, have incorporated everything from a Japanese rubber band company’s logo to imagery from Jim Jarmusch’s films. Since 2003, the company has rolled out thousands of UT t-shirts.
The other big banner news for the retailer involves more of a rumor than anything else. According to New York Magazine who got their info from Ad Age, Uniqlo hopes to build an e-commerce site for America to enjoy before the end of the year. However, a Uniqlo spokeswoman disputed,  “As we have said in the past, when we launch e-commerce in the U.S. we want to be sure it will benefit our customers, and currently we do not have a plan that meets that expectation.” So will they or won’t they? It still remains to be seen, but we’re hoping YES.
– Alia Rajput
Article Source: WWD, New York Magazine
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