Recipe: Painless Turmeric Holiday Spice Balls

I’m not going to lie. This is not my recipe. Actually my herbalist Angus Towse shared this one with me and since they are so amazingly delicious and a pain reliever…I am sharing it with you.

The main pain ingredient is Turmeric which is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae and is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Dried turmeric is good for general health and is considered a natural anti-inflammatory. It has as been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to cure pain like nausea, arthritis, headaches, menstrual cramps and muscle soreness. Adults can take 400 to 600 mg of turmeric extract three times per day or as directed.

These Turmeric Holiday Spice Balls are a delicious way to serve up some pain relief. Don’t worry, they don’t get you high or anything. If you don’t like them too spicy you can cut back a bit on the ginger or the pepper. I would make the recipe as stated the first time and then you can play around with it a bit to see how you want to adjust. Just don’t mess with the turmeric measurements as these are medicinal.

Note, this for this recipe you will need a scale. You need to weigh out the ingredients. If you ask Alexa or Siri how many tablespoons there are in 100 grams she won’t laugh but will inform you, weight can’t be converted. Since this is a recipe for pain relief, measuring weight is key.

Also, unless you want your hands stained yellow for a few days, I strongly urge you to wear surgical gloves while making these. Using bare hands is a rookie mistake you will only make once.

Painless Turmeric Holiday Spice Balls


Walnuts 100g chopped finely
Pitted Dates 100g chopped finely
Tangerine Peel 20g chopped finely

Turmeric 20g
Ginger (fresh or powder) 10g
Cinnamon 5g
Pepper 2.5g

Honey 5 tablespoons

Cocoa powder, powdered sugar or coconut powder


  1. Mix the walnuts, dates and tangerine in a bowl
  2. Mix the spices together in a separate small bowl
  3. Add the spice to the walnut mixture
  4. Pour in 4 tablespoons of the honey (you may or may not need the 5th)
  5. Put on gloves
  6. Mix all ingredients together with you hands until they all bind. Add 5th tablespoon of honey if needed
  7. Roll into 3/4 inch balls (you should get at least 20 balls)
  8. Then roll the balls in cocoa powder, powered sugar or even coconut powder (whichever you prefer) to coat them
  9. Serve!
  10. Store in an airtight container over waxed paper
  11. 2 balls is one serving for pain (do not eat more than 2 balls in a 6 hour period.)


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No Bake Painless Turmeric Spice Balls


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