9 Quarantine Must-Haves From Your Favorite Influencers

Apparently this pandemic has proven there is at least one item or thing we can not live without. It might have been something we were not expecting or something completely random. So I asked some of my blogger and influencer friends, “What’s the one thing you can’t live without during quarantine?” Here are quarantine must-haves from your favorite influencers.

Quarantine Must-Haves Recommended by Influencers 

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1. Melissa Berry Cancer Fashionista @cancerfashionista

The one thing that I can’t live without during quarantine is my Salty Girl Foundation. Not only does it make me Zoom-ready in a flash, but since vanilla is one of the ingredients….it literally smells like cake batter! Which is not a bad thing to smell first thing in the morning. 


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2. Dianna Baros, The Budget Babe @budgetbabe

I can’t live without Epic Books! Without regular trips to the library, it has been so great to be able to let the kids read as many books as they want online. We are fortunate enough to get a subscription through my son’s school but they’re also offering families a free 30 day trial.
If I’m being honest, I literally live in these $13 joggers. I’m told they’re Lululemon dupes (don’t know as I do not own any Lulu) but I’ll take my readers’ word for it! So comfy and they have pockets. They’re slim joggers so you feel less schlumpy – like you’ve gotten dressed for the day in real pants.
quarantine must-haves spotify playlist deep meditation fountainof30

3. Emme @supermodelemme

Initially I thought, Oh! I can’t live without my handy Victorinox stainless steel paring knife that I seriously can’t fathom being without in the kitchen but no…The one thing I can’t live without is my Spotify Deep Meditation playlist I created for my 7:30am daily meditation and reading group IG@supermodelemme. Without fail, when I hit play, I am transported to an immediate chill.  It’s a mainstay in my day! Enjoy!”
woman in grey leggings riding peleton bike fountainof30

4. Kara J. Miller, @kara.j.miller

The one thing I cannot do without during quarantine is my Peloton bike! I am loving the boost of endorphins, how fast I work up a sweat, and that I don’t have to leave my house. The music keeps me moving and the community keeps me coming back for more!
quarantine must-have jeans straight leg dark blue fountainof30

5. Candice Sabatini, Beauty News NYC  @Candice_Sabatini  & @beautynewsnyc

There are a few things I can’t live without during this stay-at-home time. Jeans are one of them. I keep reading about how people live in sweatpants or pajamas, and it’s just not me.  I can’t stand the feeling of not being showered and dressed daily. So every day I’m in jeans. With jeans I’m comfortable and still dressed to go out for a walk or up to my rooftop. I wear many different brands of jeans depending the look I’m going for, however, during this time when shopping online is my only option, I’ve added a few pairs of these Marilyn NYDJ jeans to my wardrobe because they have a consistent fit that I can’t get from other jeans.
Another item I can’t live without is perfume. I wear it daily during this time as I want life to feel as normal as possible and that means fragrance. I’m fortunate in that I have many to choose from, so one day it’s floral, one day a chypre, another day gourmand, etc. Wearing fragrance every day lifts my spirits and gives me a feeling of my everyday routine before the Wuhan virus. Fragrance has a very strong association with memory, so I purposely don’t wear one specific one too often, as I surely don’t want to wear a perfume that reminds me of this time when I put it on in the future!
black headphones fountainof30

6. Tomika Bryant, Life in Pumps @tomikatalks

I use my Bose Noise canceling headphones as they allow me block the noise and ignore my family as needed. Often I’m listening to calming sounds, hip hop or nothing at all but my family views it as my alone time. Works beautifully! 
quarantine must-haves from influencers black shearling boot fountainof30

7. Cathy Williamson, The Middle Page @themiddlepageblog

Seriously it’s my dog, wine, Dove dark chocolate, the internet, and Netflix but the item I can’t live without are my Ugg boots. They are like a comfort blanket for me and I have them on almost all of the time. 
quarantinemust have good to go nail topcoat bottle fountainof30

8. Carol Calacci, Fountain Of 30 @FountainOf30

Besides our kitten and daily walks around the neighborhood, I could not live without my esse Good To Go top coat. I used it years ago (before my powder dip manicure days) and it literally saved me when I needed to make the transition back to my natural nails. Not surprisingly, my nails were paper thin and getting worse with all the extra hand washing and surface cleaning. When I first went back to regular nail colors, this topcoat added a thick layer that (somewhat) simulated a powder manicure. Now I am able to use my nails again!

elastiderm facial serum silver pump bottle fountainof30

9. Lauren Dimet Waters, Fountain Of 30 @FountainOf30

There are so many things I can’t live without. My new puppy Fiona, my Wander Beauty On the Glow Blush and Illuminator, and my Ninja Foodi. But I would give them all up (well not the puppy) for my Obaji ELASTIderm Facial Serum which keeps my skin glowing even though I am slowly dying inside.
What is your quarantine must-have and which of these do you want to try?

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