Project Runway Season 8 Episode 11: A Look In the Line. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Every episode of Project Runway we viewers are bombarded with product placements and out right advertisements within the very show itself, and frankly I’m not sure I can take much more of it, especially after this week’s challenge. Heidi, if we didn’t know before, we definitely know now, has lent her name to a line of New Balance athletic apparel. The apparel is NOT something a woman would workout in, but instead something a wealthy mother would wear to run errands.  The challenge required the designers to create an athletic look that would fit within the collection, hence the title of the show: “A Look in the Line”. The winning look would be sold on as a part of Heidi’s collection, I’m not sure this prize benefited anyone but Heidi herself and only hope that the designer receives some sort of monetary compensation for this so called “reward.”



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Many of the designers struggled with this challenge, especially when Heidi came into the workroom to give her critique. Mondo expressed his disdain for Heidi’s opinions through eye rolling and Gretchen resisted listening to Heidi’s comments on her choice of fabric and ended up throwing the offending material across the room, which caused Heidi to roll her eyes as well. Heidi then went on to surprise the designers with a “big but” and told them to design an additional two outfits. But luckily they would have help.  The help would come in the form of the six designers who were previously booted from the show. Michael C. was definitely not thrilled with this form of help, as well he shouldn’t have been. Along with Heidi promoting her new athletic line, the only bit of drama during the show came in the form of everyone bashing, spewing hateful things and alleging that Michael C. is a cheater. Poor Michael C. thought the hating was behind him, but Ivy could not let a sleeping dog lie, and accused him of cheating and letting him know she doesn’t think he’s good enough to be on the show.  Obviously Ivy is still a bit bitter.



But on to the runway where active wear designer, Norma Kamali, was the guest judge and who thankfully had some knowledgeable advice to impart, unlike many other guest judges from this season. In the top there was Mondo, who ended up tossing his original designs to create three polished, well designed looks; April whose designs were beautifully constructed asymetrical looks that were just a bit too clubbing to be actual active wear; and Andy, who ended up being the winner of the challenge with three looks that exuded bold graphics that are instantly classic in appearance. Maybe this had something to do with one of the jackets looking an awful lot like a Lulu Lemon Athletic logo jacket, but the judged and Heidi didn’t seem to mind. That left the other three in the bottom. Michael C., who was confident his pumpkin spice harem pants would win the judges over failed miserably and instead left them questioning his taste level and Gretchen not only insulted Heidi by telling her her line was missing key pieces, she was unable to match the aesthetic Heidi was looking for. But Christopher was the designer to be sent home this week, which is very sad indeed. Nina Garcia and Michael Kors thought his designs were much to pajama party and cheap to deserve another week on the show.

Now there are only five designers left!

Andy, "You are the winner!"

April's Design

Gretchen's Design

Michael's Design

Mondo's Design

Christopher, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"Maybe I’ll dress my dog in it when I get home."—Mondo

"I’m not sure about the curly butt." —Heidi

"The door opens and here they come, the past." —Michael C.

"Tell us about your turkey inspiration?" —Casanova

"Active? Definitely not unless you’re going to a party."—Michael Kors

"I don’t see a garment that someone would pay more than $10 for."—Michael Kors

"This dress is sadness personified."—Michael Kors

"She looks like a sausage, squeezed in. It hurts my eyes."—Heidi

"Her weird, see through Spanx are showing."—Michael Kors

"He was giving me some really big time Mondo attitude."—Heidi

"Pajama party!"—Nina

"Like a big ball of saw dust."—Michael Kors

"His taste is really what scares me."—Michael Kors

"Constructive criticism is not your enemy."—Heidi

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—Bonnie J Brown

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