Project Runway Season 6 Episode 2: Oh, Hot (Pregnant) Messes! Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


Malvin under fire

Here we are, back in LA for episode 2. Heidi looked slamming in animal print and ankle boots as she delivers the challenge: create a form-fitting look for a celebrity… who's pregnant. I had a serious feeling there was a maternity twist on its way! Could the celebrity be our very fabulous and also expecting editor-in-chief, Lauren? No, sadly, it's just Rebecca Romijn. Apparently, this LA relocation is paying off in access to celebrities– 2 shows and 2 major celebs so far!


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There were a lot of beautiful designs going down the runway this week, and Michael Kors was replaced with Monique Lhuillier, for an all-female, all-mom panel of judges. I would wear a lot of the looks… in the non-bump form. I think, luckily for mommies, that many of today's trends can be adapted into maternity wear without losing style. Althea's midnight evening gown was in the top, despite it's top's problems (the girls would be falling out of that in no time!). Shirin and Louise joined her in the top with two crimson dresses, both feminine and wearable. Mitchell skirted the bottom again with a pair of sloppy shorts. Ra'mon's color-blocked bowling bag and Malvin's egg-in-a-nest, which thankfully at least did not have jodphurs to go with it, were in the bottom, too.

In the end, Shirin brought in the win with a perfectly executed dress and coat, which all of the judges would wear, pregnant or not! And Malvin was put "out" for his bad conceptual bird design. Mitchell barely squeaked by, but I think his look deserved to stay despite its flaws.










Shirin – The Winner!


Malvin – "You're Out!"

And, of course, your memorable quotes!

She looks like she's in her early second semester… er, trimester.Ra'mon, she's pregnant not in college.

Babies kinda scare me, I guess. Logan (Lauren, scratch him off the list of Manny applicants.)

I have made one maternity dress before but it was a bridesmaid's dress, and that's a-whole-nother can of worms that you don't wanna open.Carol Hannah

Qristyl, just deep breaths, deep breaths.Tim Gunn

This belly's really huge. I mean, you don't really realize it until you put cloth over it how pregnant it is!Irina

Basically, this look is called The Mother Hen. – Oh Malvin, you are a treat.

Those are some big girl's pants! Johnny

Rebecca, I have dress for you. You wear it. You like it.Shirin

If your viscera says, "Uhoh," it's probably true. Tim Gunn

It was more for the concept, you know, chicken thighs?Malvin

Don't be safe, but without being coo-coo.Tim Gunn

Oh my god, it's a bowling bag! Ra'mon

Katie comes in a gives me a big hug, and the first thing we do is get her pregnant! Christopher

The jacket looks a little bit Easter Sunday.Johnny, on his own design.

I mean, Rebecca Romijn is not gonna wear that, she won't even dust with that jacket! That's so mean.Qristyl

I don't think Rebecca would, like, wear any of that anywhere. Nicholas… harsh!

Check the last fitting around the… preggers. Ra'mon

You look to the right of the room, drapey, drapey, sophisticated. You look to the left of the room, structured, tailored. Oh, hot messes! Is everyone not realizing that they are designing for Rebecca Romijn?! So am I really the frontrunner, 'cause nobody's choosing to take that risk?Ra'mon

You're Stella all of the sudden? Workin' on ya leatha.Ra'mon referencing one of our favorite former contestants

Tie it tight so baby doesn't come down! a model

I think there are some designers in that room that have something to say, I think they just haven't found it yet. They haven't cracked the egg, so to speak… Malvin makes a funny

I'm just glad my model has clothes on.Mitchell

It kinda looked like a bowling ball bag… Rebecca Romijn

But they, as a matter of fact, look like I sewed them myself… and I can't sew.Heidi on Mitchell's shorts

I don't think any pregnant woman wants to be thought of as the chicken. Heidi

One of the best things about this experience is that I've learned how strong I am grounded as a designer, as a philosopher, and as a person.Malvin

Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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