Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 6: Senior Fling. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 11 Episode 6
The designers meet at a dance hall and dance with older women. Tim makes a good point that fashion designers have to design clothes for all ages in the real world, and these women dancers are this challenge’s clients and models! They are assigned random clients, and it’s up to each team to decide which designer works with which client. The looks also don’t have to be cohesive. Since Michelle’s partner is gone, she randomly gets paired with Patricia and Layana. This challenge was difficult for some of the designers because they were used to making clothes for tall, skinny models. They struggled with dressing real women with proportions that were not straight up and down.
Judges Melissa and Joan Rivers, Nina Garcia, Rachel Roy and Heidi Klum
Fashion designer Rachel Roy fills in for regular judge Zac Posen this week. The always hilarious Joan and Melissa Rivers are also guest judges! As expected, Joan added some extra liveliness and hilarity to the judges panel. Michelle, Layana, and Patricia are all safe. Even though Michelle and Layana got the highest scores on the runway, Patricia’s lowest score brought their overall team score down. (Not fair if you ask me!) Richard and Stanley’s team and Samantha and Daniel’s team have the higher scores. Kate and Tu’s team and Amanda and Benjamin’s team have the lower scores. Stanley is the winner of this challenge! The other designers learn they are safe and it all comes down to Amanda and Benjamin because they are the losing team. In an emotional moment, we learn that Benjamin is out. Amanda is upset and starts crying. I agree with her and I thought he was a good designer too.
Project_Runway_Season_11-6- Stanley
Stanley, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Benjamin, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “I must have kicked a bunny when I was a kid or something!” –Michelle “She told me I need to be a slut when I’m young! I won’t tell her I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart.” –Kate “He can’t sew for s***!” –Michelle “How’s team threesome? That’s so awkward.” -Tim “Woe is me!” –Tim “She’s making an oversized potato sack. 90 percent of what she does is crap.” –Michelle “I don’t want to lose because of her.” –Layana “I need a woman, you know!” –Tu “I’m embarrassed I made this dress.” –Amanda “I’m having the time of my life… I feel like a pageant mom.” –Richard “When she turns, I can feel the whole room cringe.” –Amanda “You look like a first wife. I would like to see you look more like a gilf.” –Joan “She’s a menopausal kitten! That dress says I’m not dead yet.” –Joan “She looks like a second wife.” –Joan “At this age, you’re happy to show whatever God has left you!” –Joan “You’ve got great knees! Show them bitch, don’t be a fool!” –Joan “I feel like you should have a dream catcher.” -Heidi “She’s like a house of fire!” –Richard “It’s stiff like you’re hiding the liberty bell under there.” –Joan “You and I can sit down and talk about who died!” –Joan “You’re like John Travola in a massage parlor.” –Joan “She looked like she was strangled and she didn’t need the extra 275 pounds!” –Joan Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime

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