Hello Kitty! Newest Accessory Du Jour – The Kitten

Tracy Reese Fall ’13

Oh no. Is Paris Hilton going to start toting kittens in her bag instead of her teacup pooches? Have you noticed kitties are the new “it” accessory? Last year it was cat shoes and prints and now it seems to have progressed to LIVE kittens. A model carrying a cat on a leash sashayed down the Tracy Reese Fall ’13 RTW catwalk (yep, pun intended). Say what? Then we started noticing cats in print advertisements and editorial shoots, which got us thinking…what the heck is going on?
Well kitties are so darn adorable!
However, then they grow up to be cats.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: NY Mag, British Vogue, LOVE Magazine

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