Ravaged Nails Got You Down? kur Nail Treatment System By LONDONTOWN To The Rescue!

My nails are a mess! Usually by March, my nails are weak and my cuticles are dry, which is not only unattractive, but painful. I have been using OPI Nail Envy for years, but to say anyone is envying my nails would be a laughable lie. So when I was introduced to LONDONTOWN: a modern and sophisticated nail care brand rooted in family traditions and homeopathic remedies, I thought I have nothing to loose.
Thankfully, LONDONTOWN dedicated itself to finding the ultimate kur (as in the kur Nail System).  The solution was this 5-step nail treatment system that strengthens, hydrates, and restores the nail from root to tip. By revamping an inherited family remedy including a revolutionary blend of Britain’s rapeseed flower oil fused with natural extracts, vitamins and minerals– the kur Nail Treatment System boasts products that work in unison, unlike any nail care system on the market, to repair, strengthen, and hydrate the nail and cuticle. All products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic which is just the icing on the cake!
You can buy the entire system (as seen above) or each product separately. Here is a bit about each.
LONDONTOWN Nourishing cuticle oil
kur: Nourishing Cuticle Oil ($25)
Looking for the kur for the common cracked cuticle? Created specifically for the skin surrounding the nail, kur’s Nourishing Cuticle Oil brings a whole new meaning to hydration and healing from cuticle to nail root. The soothing combination of unique ingredients (Rapeseed Flower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Chamomile Extract, and Vitamins A & D) heals weathered cuticles from within, while promoting healthy nail growth.
After rubbing this delicious smelling into my cuticles and nail beds each evening while in bed. After about a week I did notice a difference and my cuticles were not as ragged!
kur: Restorative Nail Cream ($35)
I adore this product! This ground-breaking formula is specially designed to penetrate the nail and fingertips to help restore lost nutrients that were stripped away from UV gel polish, acrylics, and wraps. It works to penetrate and replenish deteriorated nail protein (keratin) and balance the natural oils in the nail to strengthen and nourish them back to health. The Restorative Nail Cream includes; Rapeseed Flower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil and Calcium.
I simply apply this cream after the cuticle oil and wear LONDONTOWN’s moisturizing gloves overnight. When I wake up, my hands are super soft!
LONDONTOWN Nail Hardner final
kur: Nail Hardener ($25)
When developing kur’s Nail Hardener, the core philosophy of LONDONTOWN was instilled based on the belief that true strength comes from within. This nail hardener works to replenish strength and maintain healthy nail protein (keratin) and natural oil balances. The unique blend of ingredients (Garlic Extract, Biotin (Vitamin B7), Iron, and Vitamins A & E) works to protect against cracking, chipping, splitting, and peeling nails. This formula also contains NO toxic chemicals! That’s right. It’s Formaldehyde-free, Toulene-free, DBP-free, Formaldehyde resin-free and Camphor free. This formula naturally repairs and hydrates dry, brittle, weak and soft nails.
I have been using it alone and as a base coat. It’s fantastic!
LONDONTOWN protective top coat
kur: Protective Top Coat ($25)
Seal the deal and make the most of your manicure with kur’s highly effective Protective Top Coat formula. The advanced combination of ingredients serves a dual purpose of protecting and nourishing the nail while also providing a chic, glossy finish that lasts and lasts. It not only creates a hard protective shield against damaging external elements it minimizes polish fading and is chip resistant and UV-protecting. Again, this product is free of toxic chemicals.
Just apply a coat over your favorite polish color and the quick drying formula will add an ultra-glossy finish to your manicure. Safely.
kur: Strengthening Lacquer Remover ($18)
Nail polish remover is generally an assault on the olfactory. In fact, my husband hates the smell so much, I try to remove plosih when he is not around. However, who knows what those fumes are doing to me? With kur’s Strengthening Lacquer Remover, you can now strip your nails of color without the harsh side effects of standard market polish removers. Thanks to LONDONTOWN’s bedrock ingredient, Rapeseed Flower Oil, nails no longer have to feel parched in between polish changes.
This brilliant remover safely removes nail lacquer and conditions nails by adding hydration and strength. It’s enriched with a unique blend of vitamin and mineral extracts to protect against the stripping of nail protein (keratin) and the depletion of the nail’s natural oils. The best part?
It’s free of acetone, a harsh and drying chemical that damages nails and the delicate skin around and under the nail plate.
The entire kur: Nail Treatment System ($125) includes all of the items shown above. I promise…if you have nails and cuticles in desperate need of repair, this kit by LONDONTOWN is your answer.
Visit LondontownUSA.com to order.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Disclosure: Sample provided for review.

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