Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 14: Finale Part 2. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode.

Project_Runway_Season_11_ep_14_Finale_4 The three final designers of season 11 are Patricia, Michelle and Stanley. It’s finally time to get ready for their runway shows at New York Fashion Week. They aren’t alone though, they still have Layana, Richard and Amanda as helpers. After a surprise visit to Mood for fabric to put the finishing touches on their collections, the designers get to work. The final designers also have a hair and makeup consultation. Dmitry, the season 10 winner, is doing very well! He dressed Heidi and talked about his life since he won last season. Back in the workroom, Tim critiques the designer’s looks again and reminds them to make their looks more cohesive. The models come by for fittings and the designer’s families pop in for a visit too. Stanley is stressed because he has four garments to make on the last day before the show. Backstage at the show, helpers are still sewing pieces for Stanley! Three minutes before the show, the models aren’t dressed yet and the sewing is still incomplete.
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn
  Soon, it’s time for the runway shows! Michael Kors is the guest judge and we’re glad to have him back, even if it’s just for one episode! Michelle shows first and her garments are gorgeous and well-made. Her collection is definitely cohesive as well. Patricia is up next and shows some striking and interesting looks. In true Patricia fashion, her collection is detailed beautifully. Stanley shows last and his collection is inspired by urban opulence. His collection is chic and sophisticated.
Project Runway Judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and Heidi Klum
After the judges talk to the designers, they have a huge decision to make! The final three contestants are emotional and anxious. Stanley learns he did not win this season, so it’s all down to the ladies. Michelle is declared the winner of Project Runway Season 11!! Congratulations! Everyone here at Second City Style agrees, Michelle definitely deserved it!
Stanley with one of his runway looks
Patricia with one of her runway looks
“Michelle, You are the winner of Project Runway Season 11!”
Memorable Quotes: “What a day… good heavens!” –Tim “I think swatch gained weight.” –Michelle “All I can think is you went to a vintage shop.” –Tim “Right now, I’m not a happy camper.” –Tim “Everything needs a lift!” –Patricia “A snow cap? The snow needs to melt.” –Tim “I wish I could just hold him for 20 minutes.” –Michelle “I’m just so proud of you guys!” –Tim “Ugh I’m gonna get sick.” -Stanley “I want you to have this high spirited-ness!” –Tim “I have a hell of a lot of conviction.” –Michelle “I am hauling ass. I’ve got to keep the momentum going and then crash later.” –Stanley “I’m flabbergasted!” –Tim “I’m floating in the surreal-ness.” –Michelle “I’m totally captivated!” –Tim “There’s nothing that could ever replace this moment, ever! I found my voice again.” –Patricia “I’m not going to flash anyone!” –Model “(My mom) is so proud and sweet!” –Stanley “Don’t think you have to play by the rules!” –Michael “I was like omg the art teacher is on acid!!” –Michael “It’s like techno-pow wow!” –Zac “It’s Betty White on Dancing with the Stars! It’s Holly Hobby! It’s like an appetite suppressant!” –Michael “The mother of the bride left it behind in the motel room!” –Michael “Her last kill could be her win on Project Runway.” –Heidi “I felt a little Robin Hood.” –Michael “Teams scare me because I don’t like people!” –Stanley “I’m so honored, grateful, and excited.” –Patricia “Holy cow! I’ve never worked this hard for my vision. I can tackle any mountain that lies ahead of me!” –Michelle “You make me look like a garden gnome!” –Heidi (ever think she’d ever say that?) “You were like a flying Dutchman of doom!” -Tim -Claire Mykrantz Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! Photos: Lifetime

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