Project Runway Season 10 Episode 6: Fix My Friend. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 10 Episode 6
This episode of Project Runway was more like Project Makeover. For this week’s challenge the designers had to create a look for an everyday person who had been brought in by a friend to receive a makeover. Johnny Lavoy worked with the groups to find the perfect hair and makeup for the participants. From the start, the designers knew that this was really going to be a make or break challenge. If the pressure of pleasing the usual judges wasn’t enough, they now had an actual client to focus on as well – not just a model. Many of the designers embraced everything about the challenge and took the time to bond and get to know their client. Gunnar and Fabio really got to the core of the women they were designing for and worked hard to please them. Even Elena showed a warmer side as she bonded with her client. However, not everyone was an ideal match. Nathan was paired with an aspiring singer who wanted to sex up her look with an exposed midriff and other revealing touches. Aside from the fact that this was more than the sophisticated Nathan wanted to take on, he too, got along with his client. However, Ven was hands down the villain of this episode. He was hung up on the fact that his client was not exactly model size. He voiced over and over how unfair it was that some of the other designers got to make garments for women who were smaller while he had to change his whole aesthetic to fit a “plus size” woman. But seriously, if Ven took the time to look in a mirror, he would realize that he should probably take out a gym membership as well. Things in the workroom weren’t as chaotic as they seemed in previous episodes and the designer’s did not appear to struggle as much. However, many of them had to step out of their usual element to create something for their client. It was apparent that Sonjia’s look was not up to her usual standards and let’s not forget Alicia who had to create a pink cocktail dress. Regardless, they got the job done without any major qualms. Ven on the other hand was having a bitch fit every two seconds about his client. He was constantly talking down to her and making her feel worse than she did before the supposed makeover. Everything that he said to her always went back to how much bigger she was, but he never failed to add how nice her face and hair looked. So I guess in his mind that made up for the verbal abuse. It even got to the point where his client, Terri, was on the verge of tears, and her friend had to step in to address the situation. There was not a single designer in the room who didn’t hate Ven and feel sympathetic towards Terri.
Judges Alice Temperley, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum
When the garments were finished, the lucky ladies got to strut their stuff on the runway – and boy did Gunnar’s client strut! Fabio, Gunnar and Dmitry ended up being the top three scores. Obviously, there was a correlation with the relationship that the designers formed with their client’s and the quality of the outfits. These three guys had strong bonds with their ladies and the judges including guest judge, Alice Temperley noticed. However, it was Fabio’s ability to get his tomboy client into a beautifully designed dress that still represented her tough side who stole the challenge!  The bottom three were Sonjia, Ven (hallelujah!) and Nathan. The mistake that each of them made was that they didn’t properly design for their client. Sonjia didn’t pay attention to the proportions of the girl she was designing for and made ended up highlighting all of the wrong parts. Nathan listened too much to his client and made her look like a slut, and Ven was just being an arrogant idiot. However, for these three in the bottom, Heidi said that there was a possibility that more than one person would go home. Sonjia survived another week and was the first back to the room. So it was just Nathan and Ven. They stood there wondering if one or both would be eliminated, but unfortunately it was only Nathan and his risque outfit that were sent home.
Fabio, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Gunnar’s Design
Dimitri’s Design
Sonjia’s Design
Ven’s Deaign
Nathan – “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes:  “The only performer I’ve designed for was my mother when we were doing classical music concerts.” -Nathan “I’m going to make you into a fox. You don’t even know” -Gunnar “My client really doesn’t have a shape…she has no sense of style whatsoever.” -Ven “He’s so cute. I just want to like, crush him!” -Fabio “It’s not like regular old hooker mesh.” -Nathan “We hate that regular hooker mesh.” -Tim Gunn “…Otherwise you have a really vulgar moment happening.” -Tim Gunn “I don’t know why he made such a boring dress. It’s like yawn.” -Elena “If you did all of those colors, you’d have a pinata.” -Tim Gunn “Sometimes she rubs me the wrong way, but then I’m just have to realize it’s Elena.” -Gunnar “This is the first time I see Elena be nice to someone. It’s about time.” -Dmitry “You have a cute ass dress to wear tomorrow.” -Gunnar “I have a ‘boom chicka wow wow’ going down the runway tomorrow” -Nathan “Where I come from, listen we fry butter!” -Gunnar “Alicia’s outfit is an absolute mess. She’s way out of her realm.” -Ven “Ven is just dogging his girl.” -Gunnar “She is eating this up!” -Gunnar “I love the way she’s walking. It’s fabulous.” -Heidi “But I spent 8.5 hours on this jacket and she ripped it off and held it in a ball.” -Christopher “I literally want to do a toetouch-cartwheel-roundoff-back hand spring!” -Christopher “Do you have a boyfriend? The way you look now, they’re going to be calling.” -Heidi “I love the way you talk. It’s like you’re from the hood…” -Heidi “It took a boy in a dress to get you into a dress.” -Michael Kors “You could teach Giselle how to move.” -Michael Kors “Why not show them — if you have them.” Nina Garcia Check out our favorite site devoted to Project Runway: Blogging Project Runway – Jamie Wilson Photos: Lifetime

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