Project Runway. Post-Show (B)Romance.


Although there have been rumblings and mumblings about a PR romance over at Blogging Project Runway for a few days, People Magazine has now given us confirmation! In an interview with Wesley Nault, People reveals that the ousted contestant is currently in a relationship with fellow contestant Daniel Feld, which started on the show. I guess Daniel was diggin’ the short shorts.

If I had had to guess which two were involved, I’m not sure I would have picked Wes and Dan! Jack Mackenroth from last season called them out immediately as the lovebirds, however. Do gays just know gays, or did Jack have some insider info?

Wesley commented, "We met on the show. And we tried to keep it very
professional on the show because we were both there for our careers,
and we didn’t expect this to come out of it. But I’m really happy.”

They are considering pairing up professionally, as well. They should totally start a line, then break up romantically and stay together professionally. Oh wait… Dolce & Gabbana already did that.


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