WTF Was She Thinking? The Week in Bad Celeb Style.

This week, TRL, the X Files, and Slash‘s birthday provided some bad outfits on some very pretty celebrities! Better luck next time, ladies.

Mariah Carey at TRL


Business to the midriff, party on the bottom. An ombre blue jean skirt? Ick.

She Was Thinking:  Do these baby-colors make me look as young as my husband?

Miley Cyrus at TRL


We didn’t want to go here again with the young star, but despite her age, she is a major focus of the public eye. Which is why she can’t wear two belts, a sheer sparkly tie-on vest, leggings as pants, a raspberry beret (the kind you buy at a second-hand store?), and slouchy boots! This outfit makes her look like she is well on her way to being another Lindsay Lohan.

She Was Thinking:

No DUIs and a viable career… I’m NOTHING like Lindsay!

(P.S. Young stars on TRL should dress like Superbad actress Emma Stone… cute, trendy, relatively modest.)


(She Was Thinking: No tabloids for me!)

Bai Ling at The X Files: I Want To Believe premiere


Weirdly enough, my hatred of flippy skirts almost surpasses the shock of seeing Bai’s naked body at this point. This looks like a Dancing With The Stars costume.

She Actually Was Thinking:
[via her blog] "You have to go on line check out my dress tonigh, its insane, the back,
you will be surprised…… Its french disgner, I love the yellow, its
spring time and always happy."
[the typos are all hers]

Amanda Peet at the X Files premiere


Well, this is better than the Fargo snow-cap she has to wear throughout the movie (we saw a clip on Letterman). But we are kinda turned off by the hairy, feathery, sparkly skirt on this dress.

She Was Thinking:
My lower body is very warm!

Tia Carrere at the X Files premiere


This paisley doesn’t have enough color to support its busyness. It washes out the extremely well-aging actress!  She looks almost exactly the same as she did in the ’90s when she was in Wayne’s World… which is when she bought those shoes.

She Was Thinking:
Wayne’s World… Party Time… Excellent…

And finally, Fergie fugs it up Guns’N’Roses guitarist Slash’s birthday bash.


Exhibit A: Leggings are not pants.



She Was Thinking: Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and my pants are leggings… Take! Me! Hoooome!

Hopefully, people will realize next week that leggings are not pants. Until then…

– Hayley Wells


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