Pringle of Scotland Makes Plans for Revamping

Pringle-of-scotland Pringle of Scotland

Just the name Pringle of Scotland rapidly conjures up images of tailored blazers and chunky knits that are synonymous with the British label's image. But these days, the house is looking to expand those images to include something more fresh and colorful and with an extensive line of accessories

In a new initiative to revamp both the label's inventory as well as its presence, Pringle of Scotland is closing some of it's London-based boutiques and opening new ones in different areas. Alistair Carr, who was named design director of Pringle in March, is at the front lines of the change, planning to offer a more current take on knitwear and refresh Pringle staples such as the twinset and the argyle.


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Pringle Alistair Carr

“I won’t be doing rustic, woolly grandma knits, but very beautiful clothes that women want to wear. I want them to buy into the brand. I’ll be bringing back color, and playing with the argyle and the twinset — but not in the obvious ways,” he said. Also in his bag of tricks will be an accessories line that will include shoes, bags and small leather goods to accompany the ready-to-wear collection.

As for the label's signature button-down aesthetic, Carr said Pringle’s heritage will be present, but to an extent: “I plan to go through the archives in Scotland, and I think it’s important to respect Pringle’s heritage, but I don’t want to ‘do’ a heritage line.” Carr's first collections for the brand will be resort and men’s wear, which will show in Milan in June.

-Alia Rajput

Article Source: WWD

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