It’s Getting Hot In Here! A Podcast About Hot Flashes

If that song “It’s Getting Hot In Here” is playing on repeat in your head you are not alone. Hot flashes are not fun nor are they funny…and they are really misunderstood. In my podcast I talk with Dr. Lauren Streicher, who is the founder and Medical Director of the Northwestern Medicine Center for Menopause and Northwestern Medicine Center for Sexual Medicine, all about hot flashes.

Podcast About Hot Flashes

dr lauren streicher
Dr. Lauren Streicher

Beauty is a Bitch S2 E14 It’s Getting Hot in Here, is a deep dive into all things hot flashes.

In this episode of my podcast we discuss:


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  • Why do we get hot flashes and what do they mean?
  • How long do hot flashes last? Are we stuck with them forever?
  • How to stop hot flashes quickly.
  • Are hot flashes harmful beyond just making you miserable?
  • Why some women get hot flashes and others don’t.
  • Why so many doctors are clueless when it comes to menopause.

slip sliding away book by Lauren Streicher, MD

Dr. Streicher has just launched a new book called Slip Sliding Away: Turning Back the Clock on Your Vagina: A gynecologist’s guide to eliminating post-menopause dryness and pain, $9.99. It is the first in her new Inside Information Series, a collection of informative and highly entertaining books targeting specific issues that mid-life women face as they navigate perimenopause and post menopause. In the books you will get to know (and love) 49-year-old Francey (#FollowFrancey) as she hilariously navigates vaginal dryness, hot flashes, dating, cancer, losing her libido and incontinence. Each book in the series stands alone or can be read in combination. 

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2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot In Here! A Podcast About Hot Flashes”

  1. As someone who has been suffering hot flashes for over 26 years now, I was very interested in this podcast!
    I’d love to know more about that medication under development that is non-hormonal (as hormone therapy backfired rather badly when I tried it!)


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