Wear This! The Plunging Neckline One-Piece Swimsuit

So we have established that a one-piece looks best on women over 40 right? Thankfully they are totally on-trend this season, and I recently did a post explaining how to find the right one-piece fit for your body type right? So it might surprise you to learn there is another one-piece swimsuit style that is not only a hot trend this summer, but one you probably can pull off yourself – the plunging neckline one-piece swimsuit.

Why do I say you might be able to pull this style off? Well, not everyone can wear this type of bathing suit, but most can. Who should wear it? Women with small breasts, those with implants and those women who’s boobs don’t fall to the sides when they are laying down on their back (Had to be frank here. Sorry.).

If your abs are also in great shape feel free to grab a suit with a plunge down to your navel. If not, make sure the plunge hits you in a place where you are comfortable. Also some of the suits in this style come with added cup support but most do not. So if you need the girls in a little closer, look for suit that has a little strap detail across the plunge to hold everything together.


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Take a look of some of the examples of plunging neckline swimsuits I found below. I am just wild about this particular style and hope you are too.


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