Pearl Jam: Pearl Embellished Accessories

We are already looking forward to fall and getting a jump on some of the trends. One of the trends we are excited about (and one we can wear now) is pearl embellished accessories. This includes bags, shoes, hair ornaments and jewelry. I know you are probably thinking, pearl jewelry? Are you serious? Yes. I own a strand of pearls too. Actually two. One was given to me by my mother for my 8th grade graduation and the second strand is extra long and belonged to my grandmother. But I am not talking about these.

Yes, you can still wear your strand of pearls and pearl studs, but if you are over 40 and think they are aging, look for more modern pieces of jewelry with surprise pops of pearl. Check out the safety pin earring with pearls below which I am dying to own. Or try the pearl embellished cuff statement bracelet and wear it with everything from distressed denim jeans to an evening gown.

Personally I am also eyeing a pair of pearl embellished loafers and pair of pumps with a pearl closure. I’m on a shoe kick. Check out some of the pearl accented accessories I found below. I think pearls look best with black but feel free to try pearl embellishments with navy or wine too.


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