A Nutrisystem Success Story


Meet Cora. She's a Nutrisystem success story and quite an inspiration. Cora lost weight on Nutrisystem with her mom. She just turned 30 and had gained weight from being pregnant with her 2nd child. While on the program she went from a size 10 to a size 6.

I had the opportunity to ask Cora some questions about her experience with the program. I think she is motivation for us all, especially before the diet dreaded holidays.

SCS: What was your weight loss goal?


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Cora: I wanted to get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 145 which was 24 pounds, but I am now at 42 pounds lost since I started.

SCS: Why do you want to lose weight now?

Cora: I don't want to loose any more weight, just keep off what I've lost with Nutrisystem. I have gone well beyond my initial goal & beyond just the weight loss; I am now able to keep up with my kids, run, & just have the freedom to not be bound by my weight. I am making new goals all the time including the Susan G. Komen breast cancer 3-day next year.

SCS: When did you start your diet?

Cora: June 2009, but this was the 2nd time I've done it.

SCS: How did you come to pick Nutrisystem?

Cora: I did Nutrisystem after my 1st child (2006), so I knew it would work. What I was surprised by this time is that the food is so much better. I love it!

SCS: What do you think about the plan?

Cora: Nutrisystem is incredible. It's probably the easiest diet to follow (no counting, measuring, weekly check-ins). If you are at all like me, I am too busy to mess with a complicated diet (it's why I've failed with other diets). The food is not only excellent, but you can take it with you. I pack up a weeks worth on Monday & take it in to the office or when I am out running errands, I just stick a lunch bar in my purse. Another great thing about Nutrisystem is that the plan allows you to eat with your family. Every night, I would plan our meals around what I chose to eat (like lasagna), my husband & kids would eat with me & we would all share the sides (like salad or green beans). Turns out that everyone in my house is eating better thanks to the good things I've learned about nutrition from the Nutrisystem community.

SCS: What are your favorite meals?

Cora: This will be hard to narrow down because it's all so good… Breakfast: granola, banana nut muffin, chocolate chip scone – Lunch: Black Beans & Rice, Pasta w/Beef, all the lunch bars! – Dinner: Thick Crust Pizza, Rotini w/Meatballs, chili – Dessert: The chocolate is amazing (& I mean all of it), I love the chocolate pudding, rainbow delights, & cookies, but if you like salty snacks then try the soy chips & zesty herb snack mix

SCS: Do you like the frozen selection better than the non-frozen?

Cora: I loved the frozen food. The pizza is better than any frozen pizza I've had.  It's a great choice to compliment the non-frozen foods & I would recommend hiding them from your husband or he may sneak a few ham & cheese melts when your not looking. lol

SCS: How do you find the plan being a mom and all?

Cora: It's amazing! Because it's easy, I can stick to the diet even with my hectic life. Even though I've reached my goal, I still by the food occasionally for the convenience (& it tastes so good). When you are a mother, you tend to struggle to do something for yourself. Just do Nutrisystem for a month & you'll feel better, look better, be happier…& the whole family benefits from a happy mother. 😉

SCS: What is your dieting advice to our readers to find success like you have?

Cora: Stop procrastinating & do it. There's never a perfect time to get started with a diet, so just go for it now! Stick to the plan for the first month & you'll be amazed at not only how you look & feel, but what you learn about eating right. I don't have to think hard about what I am going to eat or fuse over portions, because Nutrisystem has taught me how to eat healthy & still enjoy what I love. One thing I think is a big misconception is that Nutrisystem is expensive. I would recommend anyone thinking about this diet take a few minutes to look at how much they spend on eating today. With restaurants, fast food & large portions, chances are Nutrisystem is cheaper! I would tell my husband how much money we saved thanks to Nutrisytem, so I could spend money on the new smaller clothes I needed.

SCS: Are you ready for the holidays and how will you fight off unwanted pounds and stay on plan?

Cora: The holidays are a breeze now. The great thing about Nutrisystem is that it's not a short term fix. Yeah, you may only do it to loose the extra weight, but the habits you get from eating right stay with you. I don't have to starve myself or stay away from things I love. I just know now how to make better decisions about what I eat. You shouldn't have to feel like you're punishing yourself during the holidays & I am definitely enjoying them.

Learn more about Nutrisystem here.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

FTC Disclosure: All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their NutrisystemNation program. Views expressed here are my own.

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