Newsflash! Jane Lauder Elected to Replace her Father on Estee Lauder board

Jane Lauder

Jane Lauder has been elected to sit on the Estee Lauder board alongside family members such as her cousin William Lauder and her sister Aerin Lauder. Jane joins the board of the iconic skincare and cosmetic label, founded by her grandmother Estee Lauder in in 1946, after serving as the senior vice president and general manager of skincare brand Origins. Jane will also be succeeding her father Ronald who has been sitting on the board since 1968. “I see this role as an evolution of my role with the company,” Jane told WWD recently.

Although Lauder's new role on the Estee Lauder board is effective immediately, she will continue her operations with Origins as well. Though her father will be stepping down to make way for the third generation of Lauders, he too will continue his other role as chairman of Clinique Laboratories LLC. Jane says she is excited to be an active part of the "executive leadership" of her family's company and claims she is grateful for the mentoring she has received from her father to fill this new role. Ronald too seems confident in the abilities of his daughter to take over these new responsibilities. “I am proud that the next generation of our family will continue to help lead this great company,” he stated. “This is an important opportunity for my daughter Jane to continue to evolve as a leader and help the company carry out the next phase of its growth.”


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Article and Photo Source: WWD
-Alia Rajput

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