New York Fashion Week Fall '13: Kimberly Ovitz's Take on Post-Apocalyptic Fashion

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Summary: Kimberly Ovitz takes us on a walk to the wild side, and by wild side, we mean the crazy end-of-the-world wilderness that can probably be spotted on the next Hunger Games movie.
Kimberly Ovitz’s Fall 2013 RTW collection inspiration came from an observation of the human psyche and natural defenses. It illustrates the hard bone structure in human with structured jackets, complete with stiff high collars, and slim-cut leather pants.
Ovitz’s signature body-conscious silhouette is still present in bright blue shift dresses, now updated with cutout accents.  Layering and draping plays an essential role in this collection as more than 50 shades of grey, slate, and charcoal are paired together to create a look of otherworldly essence.
Not to dread too far into a gothic look, Ovitz added graphics with greens and lava red, giving the look of poisonous frogs in the Amazon, or various ivies in the depths of the jungle.
Colors: Charcoal, slate, deep blue, wine, lots of blacks, with spots of lava red, and hints of gold.
Fabrics and Textures: Stiff coated cotton, body-hugging silks, touches of fur, faux shearling, paired with structured necklaces and tall, wedges.
Key Looks: Liphis woven gown with crossfire print; Thurin woven dress in graphite with teron web jersey leggings in indigo; Charcoal raptor twill coat paired with a nell web jersey top in zinc and twill charcoal pants.
-Laurie Espino
Photos: NYMag

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