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Roberto Capucci Dress Exhibit at the Royal Palace of Venaria
Roberto Capucci Dress Exhibit at the Royal Palace of Venaria
From Italian blog Fashion For Travel is this beautiful post on the Roberto Capucci Dress Exhibit at the Royal Palace of Venaria. It makes me want to go to Turin to see it. Note these photos are from a cell phone! Roberto Capucci loves to mold his fabrics in an architectural way; his choices in terms of material and production are all designed to create shapes that are not usually seen in garments. The exhibition is truly sumptuous and includes signed design sketches as well as many, many dresses. Read more Roberto Capucci Dress Exhibit at the Royal Palace of Venaria here.


Parisians think we are insane! No wonder they laugh at us. Is it any wonder? The Cronut Craze – Half Croissant, Half Donut by French blog The Analytics of Food. If you live in NYC you already know about the insanity that is the CRONUT. I mean, seriously? I love food, but this is just nuts.
Six o’clock in the morning on Spring au Coeur road in the Soho district – There are still two hours until Dominique Ansel’s Bakery opens, but already dozens of Americans, guided by their stomachs, are queuing in front of the bakery. Thankfully, these eager customers won’t have to endure the normal two hours of queuing to get one of their famous cronuts, invented by Dominique Ansel at the start of the year. The Chef from Picardie in France had a stroke of genius by creating these half-croissant half doughnut mutants, made from puff pastry with a hollow center and wonderful icing sugar on top. Cronut mania quickly took off: Vogue announced the summer 2013 as being that of the cronut. A black market emerged with pastries normally sold for $5 in Dominique Ansel’s bakery selling like hot cakes for $45 or $50 on the internet. There was a boom in classified ads such as: “I’ll do the queuing for you and bring you your cronuts wherever you happen to be, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens… $80”. Read more The Cronut Craze – Half Croissant, Half Donut here.


The War of the ‘Chubbies’. We are well aware of the vast array now, but it is interesting to see another take from Spain from ObeBlog.
It’s clear that when something works, other brands and companies will quickly copy it. This happens in the fashion and beauty industries and also in other industries, of course. I hope I’m not mistaken, but I believe it was Clinique who pioneered this chubby pencil-style lipstick a while ago. Read more The War of the ‘Chubbies’ here.
The Vocabulary of Wine
The Vocabulary of Wine
Are you a wine novice who wants to learn more? Blog The Big Wine Theory from Argentina has made it as simple as pie with the post The Vocabulary of Wine. A must-read. Especially if you are going to wine tasting any time soon and don’t want to appear to be a complete moron. I am sure that, more than once, you have heard or read that certain words are used in order to describe a wine, words that you probably haven’t heard before. These words are what are called “descriptors” and refer to aromatic (smell), flavor (taste), or visual (sight) elements. These descriptors are the characteristics that are used to define a wine, depending on who is tasting it. I will leave you with a few of these words to learn, so you can start using them yourself. Read more The Vocabulary of Wine here.
From Yoann Conte’s Cuisine, a Great Springtime Hit!
Oh those crazy French, you have to love their food! At least I loved what I saw and read on the French blog Epicure‘s post Yoann Conte’s Cuisine, a Great Springtime Hit! All I can say is….not fair, not fair, not fair! What an experience. Once upon a time there was an encounter with the cuisine of a chef who would one (imminent) day earn three stars. It was an encounter that did wonders during a year of widespread frustration. We were not going to deny ourselves the pleasure of strolling on the shores of Lake Annecy under a sun that makes the lake shimmer and the mountains gleam – a great delight in itself. Ending the stroll at Marc Veyrat’s old restaurant (still a house) to be pampered by one of his spiritual children, Yoann Conte, is bliss. Read more Yoann Conte’s Cuisine, a Great Springtime Hit! here.
Diets are Like Foreplay
Diets are Like Foreplay
Oddly I found this post in the Relationships section. From Italian blog, La Cucina di qb, is this fascinating post Diets are Like Foreplay. This post is based on the new diet from professor Richard Smith – “The Dieter’s Guide to Weight Loss During Sex”. Mix together the calorie count of kissing, cleaning and doing mundane chores with making a Roquefort and Pear Tarte Tatin with cardamom, and you are totally confused, but intrigued. How much energy is consumed while making love? Whoever starts well is half way there, so let’s start with personal care: taking a shower uses 8 calories – 2 more than having a bath – and drying your hair with a hairdryer uses 3. If, however, you let your hair dry in the wind, you need 348 calories. For a delicate kiss you need about 10 calories, 17 for a more impetuous one and 18 for a french kiss. If you give a french kiss with your mouth closed you will use 239 calories. Read more Diets are Like Foreplay here. Read more posts at WebFlakes here! – Lauren Dimet Waters


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