Project Runway Season 12 Episode 1 – Sky's The Limit: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Project Runway Season 12 started off with a bang last night. Within the first few minutes of the show, a new contestant was added to the group – Chicago-based designer Kate Pankoke! Although the other designers had reservations about Pankoke’s comeback, her fans in Chicago will certainly be rooting for her. And then, the competition began. Tonight’s challenge? A look made from an unconventional source: a parachute. Admittedly, past seasons produced more unconventional challenges than this, but the bright, billowy nature of the parachutes was an exciting prospect. However, the material didn’t seem easy to sew.. The nylon pulled in some areas, creating a look that was ill fitting or badly constructed. But in the end, most of the garments looked quite polished.


Many changes from past seasons to this season were announced throughout the episode. Belk, a clothing and accessories retailer, will be providing items for the accessories wall. And the designers will now be managing their own spending; instead of using cash, they will be using a GoBank card and account. During the runway, the designers will be anonymous (as long as the judges can ignore the big smiles and agitated squirms as each of their looks goes down the runway). Another big change is that Tim Gunn will sit in on the runway shows, be able to answer questions and he can use one save to use this season to bring back an eliminated designer! And the last big change is the judges get to inspect apparel up close during the judging. As the garments started to come together, some twists and hijinks ensued. Timothy Westbrook, who prides himself on being an eco-friendly designer, wanted his model to enact a piece of performance art. As he tried to rehearse his ideas with the model, the performance started to look more and more ridiculous, taking the focus away from the garment. Designer Sandro suffered some problems with his garment, a pin-up inspired onesie. During the fitting session with the models, the onesie was too small and revealed his models’ crotch. He had definitely crossed the fine line between tasteful and tacky!
Project Runwqy Season12 Episode 1 Judges Kate Boswoth, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
During the runway show, some garments really had that “wow” factor. A personal favorite was Bradon McDonald, who won the challenge. His gown featured a fitted sky blue bodice with piping details made from the laces of the parachute. The dress’s skirt, made up of a gradient selection of pinks, flowed and billowed, mirroring a parachute in the sky. The look was elegant, youthful, and simply beautiful. Angela was the first designer voted off the show. Her simple a-line dress was short, creating an incomplete look. Although her garment wasn’t complex or exciting, the decision to vote her off was a little surprising, especially in comparison to Sandro’s inappropriate onesie!
Bradon, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Sue’s Design
Miranda’s Design
Timothy’s Design
Sandro’s Design
Angela, “You are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “Sandro has these really, really short shorts. Well, at least we know that the model is actually female!” – Alexander “What would the first challenge be without a little vagina?” – Kate “Are we jumping out of airplanes? I mean, I’ll do anything for Project Runway, but…!“ – Dom “You’re actually Rosie the Riveter?” – Bradon “America’s next designer needs to use electricity.” – Alexandria “Timothy’s creating this frumpy, ice skater dress. It’s awful.” – Ken “Helen is very blunt. She is, I would say, a loving bitch.” – Ken “It looks like it might be a really great bathing suit, or it could be a really big no-no.” – Dom “Sorry I’m digging in your butt, but it’s for your own good! And mine, too.” – Bradon “Do you think I should just walk normally?” – model Natasia “Timothy, did you steal the shoes from your model?” – Nina “It looks like you found her in the woods – like, Tinkerbell at Burning Man.” – Zac “What is not going on in this outfit, is the question.” – Heidi “She looks like a slutty cat toy.” Zac Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Tanisha Wallis Photos: Lifetime


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